Nutrition for Exercise Recovery

Within 30 minutes of completing an extended or intense exercise session, consume at least 50 grams of CHO (roughly 200 kcals). Also, continue to snack on high-CHO foods for up to six hours. This will help restore your muscle glycogen (CHO stores) for the next exercise session. Some foods and servings sizes that contain roughly 50 grams of CHO are:

Bagel with jam

Shredded wheat cereal, 1.4 cups

Baked potato with skin

Baked Beans, 1 cup

Cooked sweet corn, 1.5 cups

Bananas (2)

Cornflakes, 2.5 cups

Cooked oatmeal, 2 cups

Watermelon, 4.5 cups

Cooked Rice, 1 cup

Raisins, 0.4 cup

Orange juice, 2 cups

For more information on the CHO content of foods, check food labels (Figure 3-2), check the USDA website at, or ask a dietitian.

Deployment and Altered Climates

In this chapter you will learn about:

  • Acclimation.
  • General guidelines for altered environments.
  • Maintaining performance in the heat, cold, and at altitude.

Adapting, or acclimating, to a new environment, such as extreme changes in climate or altitude, imposes considerable demands on the body. Proper acclimation is necessary in order for the body to function more efficiently in a new environment.

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