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Nano Towels

Nano Towels are cleaning towels made from Nanolon Fibers that are the perfect replacement for paper towels. The product can be found on Clickbank, through its official product website is The product has received glowing reviews from users and environmentalist for its precision cleaning and eco-friendliness. Some of its outstanding features include high absorbent, conserve cash by supplanting paper towels, reduces environmental pollution by avoiding paper-based cleaning products, manufactured from Nanolon Fiber, which is 100 times finer than a human hair. Nano Towels can be used to clean countertops, windows, oven, shower stalls, wood furniture, fridge, screens, glasses, taps, floors, and many others. The towels are reusable, can be used to clean stubborn stains, eco-friendly, and contains zero side effects. Anyone who wants to reduce the costs of cleaning towels can find Nano Towels worth the value. A single package comes with 4 towels, and with its durability, is very economical compared to purchasing paper towels. The only bad thing about the product is that they cannot be found in many physical stores, and the only way to buy them is via the web. Continue reading...

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Several Factors Control the Growth and Distribution of Roots

Gravitropism Corn

Much of what we know about roots comes from studies of potted plants or seeds germinated in artificial environments such as sterile dishes or moist paper towels. However, there is little evidence that roots grow similarly in the ground. Understanding how roots grow in their natural environment requires some ingenious as well as tedious work and involves underground cameras and painstaking excavations (see fig. 2.12). The most elaborate methods for studying roots involve laboratories called rhizotrons, which are underground walkways with glass walls (fig. 7.14). As they grow, many roots press against these glass walls and can be easily studied.

Alices Seafood Cakes

Meanwhile, in a fine mesh strainer, place a paper towel and the crabmeat, and let drain 15 minutes. In a large bowl, mix the corn, red pepper, onion, celery, Old Bay seasoning, pepper, coriander, mustard, lemon juice, and zest. When the rice is cool, add to bowl, and mix with the eggs, crabmeat, fish, and cup cilan- tro. With your hands, take about xh cup of the mixture, form it into a cake, and place each cake onto sheets of paper towels.

Plastic and paper

Because the Food and Drug Administration requires microwave-safe plastics to meet strict safety standards, repeated studies show no ill effects from their minimal leakage. On the other hand, if even very small exposure makes you edgy, you can switch to glass or ceramic dishes that are made specifically to be used in microwave ovens. Splatter-proof the dish with wax paper, parchment paper, or white paper towels labeled safe for microwave use.


Dry with a paper towel. Make up a solution of Bacteria linens by adding 1 teaspoon of Bacterial linens powder to 1 quart of water in an atomizer. Lightly spray all surfaces of the cheeses. After 2 weeks the cheese will have a reddish-brown color due to the growth of Bacteria linens. Rinse the cheese in cool water. Gently dry with a paper towel. Wax the cheese and store it at 45 F. for 6 to 10 weeks. Turn it several times a week.

J Sorghum tannins

Tannins are detrimental to protein utilization, and so levels should be minimized in poultry diets. Sorghum is a potential source of tannin, and this is usually found in the outer seed coat. Unfortunately, there is not a clear relationship between seed coat color and tannin content. High tannin sorghums are usually darker in color, but some dark colored sorghums are also low in tannin. The tannins are present in the testa, which is the layer immediately beneath the outer pericarp. One quick test is therefore to cut into the seed and observe for presence of a pigmented (tannin) testa. More recently, a bleach test has been developed which again shows presence, or not, of a pigmented testa. About 20 g of sorghum is mixed with 5 g potassium hydroxide crystals and 75 ml of household bleach. The mixture is shaken until the KOH dissolves, and then set aside for 20 minutes. Sorghum grains are then strained, rinsed with water and placed on a paper towel. The KOH will remove the outer pericarp,...

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