What is Thirst

When our body needs water, a region of our brain called the hypothalamus initiates thirst. Thirst is a symptom of dehydration and is a signal to replenish body water. However, this also means that by the time thirst occurs, our body water is already slightly depleted. This probably is not that big a deal for most of us; however, to an athlete engaged in competition, this can result in decreased performance and the

Water is the Basis of Our Body 153 Table 7.2 Water Content of Common Foods

Food % Water

Collards, lettuce (iceberg) 96

Radishes, celery, cabbage (raw) 93-95

Watermelon, broccoli, beets 90-92

Snapbeans, milk, carrots, orange 87-90

Apples, cereals (cooked) 83-85

Potatoes (boiled), banana, egg (raw), fish (baked flounder) 74-78

Corn, prunes 70

Chicken (roast) 67

Beef (lean sirloin) 59

Cheese (Swiss) 42

Bread (white) 37

Cake (devil's food) 24

Butter 16

Almonds, soda crackers (e.g. saltines) 4

difference between victory and defeat. Most athletes who compete in endurance sports will drink prior to and during an event. A common rule among endurance athletes is that they need to "drink before they are thirsty."

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