What Is the Difference Between Work Strength and Power

Work relates the amount of force necessary to move something (for example, a weight) a certain distance—hence the term "workout." Strength then refers to the amount of force that can produced by someone to perform work. Further still, power is concerned with how long it takes to perform the work. The faster the work can be performed the more powerful the effort. Mathematically:

Work = Force x Distance and

Power = Work x Time

276 Exercise and Sports Nutrition What Does Exercise Duration Mean?

Duration refers to how long an exercise is performed continuously. Activities like running and cycling are performed at a lower or moderate intensity and tend to last for a half to one hour or longer. Sustained exercise for longer durations is often called endurance training. It is also referred to as cardiovascular training as adaptations can include the development of a more powerful heart and more blood vessels in our heart and skeletal muscle.

Intensity and duration are the most important factors in determining if an exercise is resistance or endurance or both.

How Does Exercise Change Our Body?

It is the intensity level of an exercise that will be the primary determinant of the range of adaptation. This means that although some sports are associated with a certain type of adaptation, it is not an absolute. For instance, weight training can be more aerobic and cardiovascular if the weights (resistance) are not heavy enough and the number of reps is very high. Running and biking are often associated with more aerobic and cardiovascular adaptations but it is easy for runners or cyclists to train for greater strength and power by including more resistance in their training.

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