What Are Nonessential Amino Acids

The remaining amino acids used to make protein in our body are called nonessential. That's because they can be made in our body by using essential amino acids and/or other molecules. It should be understood that dietary essentiality or nonessentiality by no means is meant to imply biological essentiality or nonessentiality. All twenty amino acids must be present in cells to make proteins which support the health of those cells and our body in general. Further, if a problem exists in making a nonessential amino acid, as is the case in some genetic anomalies, then that amino acid would also become a dietary essential for that person as well. This is the case with some individuals who lack the ability to produce the appropriate enzyme to convert phenylalanine (essential amino acid) to tyrosine (nonessential amino acid). In these cases (that is, people with phenylketonuria [PKU]), tyrosine becomes an essential amino acid.

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