The Nutritionist

Now in an updated and expanded new edition, The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health, Second Edition, provides readers with vital information about how to simply but radically improve their daily lives with the science of nutrition, balance their diets to achieve more energy, and improve health and longevity.

Complete with many informative and easy-to-read tables and charts, The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health, Second Edition, utilizes the findings of the latest biological and medical studies to give experts and non-experts alike a comprehensive account of the needs of our bodies and the ways that healthy eating can improve performance in day-to-day activities.

Author Dr Robert Wildman, renowned nutrition expert, debunks myths about carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol, elucidates the role of water in nutrition, and clearly explains the facts of human anatomy and physiognomy, the process of digestion, and vitamin supplements. Complete with a practical and comprehensive guide to the nutrition information printed on the packaging of most food items, The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition, and Optimal Health, Second Edition is a necessary and extremely useful nutrition resource for anyone interested in the science and practical benefits of good nutrition.

Dr Robert E.C. Wildman is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Florida State University, and Ohio State University, and is currently on the faculty at Kansas State University. Dr Wildman is also the author of Sports and Fitness Nutrition (2002) and editor of The Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Second Edition (Taylor & Francis, 2007).

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