The Nature of Food

All living things on this planet require nourishment to fuel and support vital operations. For instance, plants get water, minerals and nitrogen from the soil and produce their own carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Meanwhile, animals consume other forms of life, such as plants and animals or their products, in order to survive. For humans, we consume animals and their products (for example, milk, eggs) and/or plants and their products (fruits, vegetables, cereal grains). Even eating some forms of microbes (or microorganisms) such as yeast and some bacteria can help us survive and promote vitality. Humans exist at the upper end of the food chain, meaning that a large variety of life-forms are food to us, but we are not regular food for other life-forms. Plants, on the other hand, maintain a position at the other end of the food chain as they are food for many life-forms, including insects, fish, and mammals.

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