Is Water Our Most Essential Nutrient

Many people regard water as our most important essential nutrient. This is because of three principal concepts. First, when we do the math, our dietary need for water far exceeds any other essential nutrient. For instance, 1 milliliter of water weighs exactly 1 gram, therefore daily need for water for an adult would be approximately 2,000 to 3,000 grams

(2 to 3 kilograms). This is about 30 to 60 times greater than our need for protein and millions of times greater than our need for different vitamins and minerals.

Second, signs and symptoms of water deficiency begin to show much more rapidly than any other essential nutrient. If we abstain from all food and drink, we would develop signs of water deprivation by the end of the first day or two. Furthermore, we may die from severe dehydration by the week's end.

Third, as water is the basis of the human body, water imbalance (dehydration or toxicity) could not occur without influencing the metabolism of all other nutrients in some way.

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