How Does Water Help Us Regulate Our Body Temperature

Water has the capability to absorb heat to keep us from overheating (hyperthermia) as well as help keep us from overcooling (hypothermia). In comparison with other materials, water can absorb a lot of heat before its own temperature changes. This allows body water to absorb the heat generated during normal metabolism and during times of extra heat production such as exercise. Water then facilitates the removal of extra heat from our body by sweating (discussed below). On the other hand water can give up heat to help keep tissue warm when we are in cooler environments.

Water is the Basis of Our Body 147 What Other Roles Does Water Play?

Water also provides the basis for the lubricating substances found in our joints. This helps cushion the joint and reduce the physical stress and friction between the bones in the joint. Water is the basis of amniotic fluid that cushions and protects a fetus during pregnancy. In addition, of our urine, bile, saliva, mucus, lacrimal fluid (tears), and digestive secretions, all are water based.

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