How Are Humans Nourished

In this day and age, as food manufacturers spend millions of dollars developing new forms of food, we still must adhere to the basic rule that humans naturally nourish themselves by eating other life-forms or their products. That means that it would be impossible to nourish our bodies with completely and optimally by manufactured foods unless those foods contained the same substances and in appropriate forms, amounts and combinations that we have obtained throughout our existence by eating other life-forms on this planet.

Humans are needy from a nutritional perspective. We have an inescapable need for numerous substances, some of which we cannot make internally and others we can, which we call nutrients. Quite simply, a nutrient is a substance that in some way nourishes the body. It will either provide energy or promote the growth, development and maintenance of our body, or promote optimal function, health, and longevity.

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How To Add Ten Years To Your Life

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