Has Modern Day Society Contributed to Obesity

Regardless of the exact causes for obesity, one thing is certain: the incidence of obesity in many countries has increased dramatically within the past few decades. In fact, in many countries almost everywhere one turns, a soda and/or vending machine can be found. It also seems that most of the commercials on television are for chips, soda, candy, and other energy-dense foods. Furthermore, many modern societies take great pride in developing ways to reduce people's physical activity level. Escalators grace every mall; airports have moving sidewalks; and everywhere you go, you can sit down. All too often roads are constructed without sidewalks or bicycle lanes.

Long ago, even eating itself involved significant energy expenditure. As hunters and gatherers, our ancestors had to spear their fish, hunt and scavenge animals, dig up roots, climb trees for leaves, and pick fruits and vegetables. Today, one simple trip to the convenience store or dialing a phone number yields a bounty of food. Even the act of preparing food, which could take hours even a generation ago has been greatly simplified and requires less expenditure of energy.

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