Can Training Allow Muscle Fibers to Change Type

We do know that training results in changes in muscle metabolism, which may make us think that it is possible for Type I fibers to change into Type II fibers and vice versa. However, this probably is not the case. For instance, endurance training can lead to changes associated with Type II muscle fibers that will make them more aerobic. The fibers will adapt to have an increased ability to generate ATP by using oxygen. However, they don't adapt to the point where we would classify them as Type I. Oppositely, we all know that resistance training (for example, weight lifting) improves the strength and power of a muscle group. Although it would be logical to think that half of this effect might be related to adaptations in Type I muscle fibers—as though they are being transformed into Type II muscle fibers—surprisingly this is not the case either. In fact, as the muscle group grows in size, most of the growth is related to enlargement (hypertrophy) of Type II fibers.

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