Can Fortified Water Fitness Water Help Performance

Over the past few years numerous enriched waters or fitness waters such as PropelĀ® and OptionĀ®. These beverages tend to be low calorie (for example, 10 calories per 8 to 10 ounces) and include electrolytes with or without calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins. While these beverages are not advantageous for more strenuous and/or prolonged athletic efforts they are good options for maintaining optimal hydration especially in the heat (for example, walking or a half hour or so on the elliptical or weight lifting).

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fit exercise into your busy schedule? Thats as absurd as saying that there are eight days in a week! First, youve never exercised before or engaged regularly in a sport second, youve never been into the fitness crowd and have had meager time for such pursuits, and third, youre far too busy to even think of exercise.

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