Can fAlanine Improve Performance

P-Alanine is naturally found in meats and is a little different structurally from alanine and the other amino acids that can be used to make proteins. However, p-alanine can be combined with histidine to make carnosine. Carnosine, which is an important acid buffer in muscle cells, especially Type II. However, ingested carnosine is broken down in the blood and thus supplementation of carnosine does not effectively increase muscle carnosine levels. Meanwhile p-alanine can enter muscle cells and be used to make carnosine. Researchers are finding that supplemental p-alanine is indeed effective in raising muscle carnosine levels as well as improving the muscle acid buffering abilities during high intensity activities such as sprinting and weight training. This in turn is related to improvements in performance.

p-Alanine is an important acid buffer in muscle and supplementation has been shown to improve exercise performance.

100 Bodybuilding Tips

100 Bodybuilding Tips

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