Body Protein Is Turned over Daily Are Body Proteins Broken Down Daily

During a single day, roughly % to 1 pound of our body protein is broken down to amino acids. The lower end of the range would apply more to a smaller woman while the higher end of the range would be more applicable to a larger, more muscular man. Much of the breakdown occurs in the liver and muscle and during the same day an equivalent amount of protein is made (synthesis). Protein breakdown and production considered together is called "protein turnover" and even though there is this significant quantity of protein turnover we are mostly the same from one day to the next.

Protein is either broken down or manufactured to allow us to adapt to the most current metabolic situation within cells, and also in our body. This process also allows us to maintain the integrity of proteins subjected to daily wear and tear. These activities allow cells to make or break down enzymes, which are either involved or not involved in different metabolic states such as fasting, feeding, and exercise. These processes also allow us to remodel tissue such as muscle and bone and to make and break down hormones and neurotransmitters. It is important to remember that our cells are constantly active. This allows us to grow, heal, remodel, and internally defend ourselves on a continual basis.

Protein turnover refers to the constant break down and production of protein throughout our body.

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