Babies Must Work Their Way Up to Adult Food How Much Do Humans Grow During Infancy

Infancy is the time period between birth and a baby's first birthday. At no other time in life are nutritional needs higher based on body weight. Infants will usually double their birth weight by the time they are halfway through their first year of life. Additionally, they can easily triple their birth weight by their first birthday. At the same time, an infant will increase its length by roughly 50 percent by his or her first birthday. Furthermore, the head is relatively huge at birth, roughly accounting for one-third to one-quarter of the infant's length. Since an adult's head is only one-eighth of his or her height it is no wonder an infant cannot support the weight of its head for a month or so after being born. Pediatricians and parents, checking indicators of normal growth patterns, follow changes in weight, length, and head circumference. Generally, breast milk or formula meets an infant's nutritional needs during the first 4 to 6 months. Thereafter, the introduction of solid foods allows them to become a strong nutrient contributor.

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