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Now, what about eggs and dairy? The solution is simple: avoid all dairy products from cows, save a small amount of butter. That means no cheese, milk, or ice cream. A few of my patients have actually stopped coming to me when I recommended cutting ice cream from their diets, but the truth is that humans were never meant to consume cow's milk. I know the celebrity with the milk mustache told you that your kids won't grow and your bones will snap if you don't drink a quart of the moo juice a day, but it's a lie, pure and simple. Think about it for a minute: why would humans be the only mammals on the face of earth that need to drink milk after weaning? Especially another animal's milk? Elephants, who reach a healthy weight of five tons without snapping in two, manage to avoid milk. So do giraffes and rhinos.

In fact, milk is very harmful to most of us. It has even been discovered that exposing small children to milk before age two is a major cause of juvenile diabetes.363 The reason for this seems to be that milk proteins closely resemble the protein in the pancreatic island of Langerhans, which is responsible for manufacturing insulin. The body mistakenly attacks not only the milk protein but also the insulin cells as well—a condition we call molecular mimicry.

Despite the fact that several scientific journals have reported this finding—one as recently as 1999—there have been no media announcements to the mothers of the world to avoid giving their young children cow's milk. Why? Because of the power and influence of milk producers, the same guys who created the milk-mustache ads.

There is also evidence that milk-drinking increases incidence of heart attacks and possibly strokes,364 a relationship that seems to hold true whether the milk is whole or low fat. In fact, the heart-attack rate was higher with low-fat milk. Also, a recent study reported in a peer-reviewed medical journal found that men who drank milk had a higher incidence of prostate cancer. With twenty-five thousand men a year dying of prostate cancer you would think that the media hounds, who love to report phony stories about vitamin C, would headline this story. The silence is deafening. The lesson is: don't depend on the media when your life is at stake.

Remember the cancer-causing viruses common to cattle I mention above? Well, they also end up in cows' milk and are spread to nursing calves.365 We call this vertical transmission. When you drink the milk, these cancer-causing viruses end up in you as well. Do they cause cancer in humans? While there has never been a direct connection, mainly because it would be difficult to test experimentally (combined with the fact that no one has looked very hard) there is suggestive evidence. We know that of all foods, ingestion of milk and milk products has the highest association to the very types of cancer found in cattle.

Does pasteurization kill viruses? The dairy industry would like you to think it does, but the answer is a resounding no! When you put that carton of milk in the refrigerator and go for a drink a week later, only to find a stinking clabber-looking mess, it's because bacteria have curdled the milk. The bacteria didn't come from the refrigerator, they were already in the milk. Government regulations actually allow so many pus cells per cubic centimeter of milk, cells that often contain live bacteria and viruses. With time they begin to grow and fill the milk with that putrid odor we all love. This is why ultrapasteurized milk can be left on the shelf for very long periods of time without spoiling. The high heat kills everything. Even after it is opened it, it will last much longer than regular milk.

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