In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I do not favor the government treating us as imbecilic children who must be constantly watched over and cared for by "benevolent" bureaucratic appointees. Fluoridation of water is a deliberate use of community drinking water to medicate millions of people. Remember that throughout modern history, there have been corrupt people who sought to use the public water system as a means of medicating the public, the most evil even going so far as to suggest adding tranquilizers to the water supply to keep the population docile. Fluoridation is an obvious abuse of public trust and a clear violation of the law.

What is so strange to me is that Americans have acquiesced to adding fluoride, a clearly recognized, very powerful toxin, to the water supply—not to prevent some deadly disease, but in hopes of preventing something as minor as tooth decay. The fact that these programs have been approved by the voting public does not make it any less criminal. It merely means that the proponents of this disaster have been able to convince—through coercion and outright lying—51 percent of the public to agree to this deadly policy.

No one told voters that the fluoride content of their foods, beverages, and water would continue to increase, so that even if they wished to avoid the poison, they would not be able to. No one cared about the indigent and those living on limited incomes who would not be able to afford filtered water or the expensive in-home filtration systems used by wealthy government bureaucrats, ADA elite, and state officials.

No one gave the choice to the pregnant woman who wanted to protect her unborn children from the devastating effects of high fluoride concentrations in her baby's body. The choice has been denied to the child whose teeth have been destroyed by dental fluorosis, especially to children of poor families that cannot afford the expensive dental work required to correct this devastating condition. And no one gave the choice to elderly persons who will spend their waning years crippled from skeletal fluorosis or devastated by a neurodegenerative disease. They have all been forgotten.

Again, this is not a problem of free enterprise, as has been suggested by some opponents of fluoridation. Rather, it is an example of corporatism, collusion between corporations, and the government operating totally outside the free market system. Corporations are an anomaly of the free market and were condemned as such as early as the 1940s by two leading philosophers of free enterprise, Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek. They saw the corporation as an entity that used the power of government to stifle competition, the life-blood of free enterprise. They also saw that these institutions are similar to government itself in that they are inevitably heavily bureaucratized, and slow to respond to new and innovative ideas.

The collusion between the aluminum and superphosphate fertilizer industries and the government has resulted in the fluoridation of 75 percent of America's drinking water—at a profit, no less. Hayek, in his waning years, came to understand that free enterprise without the firm foundation of natural law and a moral order would degenerate into chaos and legal plunder of the nation. Only the light of truth can halt this process.

Other Toxic Metals to Avoid

While we know a great deal about heavy metal toxicity, many questions remain to be answered. For example, how do low levels of these toxic metals chemically interact when they occur together? Do they react synergistically? Does the treatment of heavy metal toxicity cause more problems than no treatment at all? All of these questions demand answers. Because of limited space, I will discuss other toxic metals together in one chapter. Unfortunately, this also means that I will be forced to omit discussions of some toxic metals that we encounter on a less-frequent basis in our daily lives.

In the past, a substance was considered toxic only if we could observe obvious symptoms following exposure, but with the advent of better methods of examining events on cellular and even subcellular levels, we now recognize that subtle toxicities can disrupt cellular function without producing obvious clinical toxicity—a condition known as subclinical toxicity. It may take years for such toxicity to produce obvious signs and symptoms. As you know by now, the ultimate effect a toxin will have on a particular individual depends on numerous variables, such as genetic susceptibility, the strength of the antioxidant system, age, associated toxicities such as alcohol abuse, smoking and exposure to other toxic chemicals, concomitant diseases, nutrition, and physical conditioning.

We must also consider the subtlety of some symptoms of toxicity. Rather than obvious signs such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal cramps, some people may experience no more than vague feelings of fatigue, cloudiness of thought, memory lapses, irritability, depression, or minor aches and pains that may be put off by a doctor, or attributed to stress, menopause, or old age. My experience has been that many doctors tend to shrug off patients' symptoms that do not fit the disorders and diseases with which they are familiar, and I have seen numerous patients whose doctors had attributed chronic symptoms to stress, and whose illnesses actually ended up being tied to very high lead and/or mercury levels. Had these patients' elevated metal levels not been discovered and treated, these hapless people would have spent the remainder of their lives miserable and sick.

Because so many physicians are totally unfamiliar with heavy metal toxicities, they never even consider them as a possibility when diagnosing sickness. Worse still, doctors sometimes classify difficult-to-diagnose patients as "crocks" or "depressed" and hand them off to someone else to deal with. Also, many doctors maintain very stringent definitions of toxicity, and often use criteria that are either outdated or based on poor medical evidence. Because they do not recognize subclinical toxicity, their patients continue to suffer. More evidence-based medicine.

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