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Isometrics For Muscle Mass

Isometric Mass is the most revolutionary fitness program in the market right now. It is the great way of training to build muscle in short time and increase the testosterone in the blood, a way that proved to help even 40th and 50th men to overcome their age boundaries and build beautiful muscle and improve their health with less than 30 min training every day. Isometric mass program helped me build muscle with less effort in less time and saved me time and money because the isometric system doesn't need fancy equipment and count only on body weight. The program is divided into basic set of DVDs and bonus set. The basic set cover everything from quick start guide, instructional video library for the isometric techniques, isometric mass workout guide which will save you all your costs you used to pay for trainers and gym. The last basic product is an isometric printable logs to help you keep track of your workout and progress. The bonus part of the isometric mass is very cool because it contain the body weight edition of the isometric system, a great done-for-you meal plan that fits greatly into the isometric system and the last bonus product is a great guide for using supplements which could make you finally understand the art and science of taking supplements. Isometric mass is a great program every muscle builder should have. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of blog have asked me about this manual, which is being advertised quite widely across the Internet. So I decided to buy a copy myself to find out what all the fuss was about.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Not enough emphasis on bonebuilding metabolismboosting body shaping lean muscle mass

Despite OVERWHELMING evidence to support that weight training (at ANY age) can stop and even reverse this deterioration, most Americans who begin an exercise program choose more aerobic activity and neglect the muscle-saving, metabolism-boosting, fatigue-fighting strength training. Excessive aerobic exercise can actually waste away muscle, making you a skinny-fat person.

How Much Protein Is Needed During Weight Training

Protein is the major nonwater component of skeletal muscle accounting for more than 20 percent of its total weight and more than 80 percent of water-free weight. Logically, if you want to build more muscle, you need to eat more protein beyond the needs for normal maintenance. People who engage in serious weight-training athletes may benefit most from a protein intake of 1.4 to 1.75 grams per kilogram of their body weight or more. This translates to about 1.75 to 2.25 times the RDA for protein. Several research studies using protein intakes above this level have failed to show additional benefit (more muscle gain). Furthermore, the intensity and extent to which individuals train will dictate where they may fall within these ranges for protein recommendations. Serious weight training can double daily protein requirements in order to repair and adapt muscle tissue.

Protein for Bodybuilding

In bodybuilding increased muscle size is produced mainly by extensive weight training, not by eating large amounts of protein. However, weightlifters need about two and a half times the amount of protein of nonexercising individuals about 1.8 g kg day, or about 120 g for a 70-kg person.6 Increased protein requirements should be met by consuming high-quality protein foods, such as eggs, low-fat milk, lean meats, and fish. If the athlete is vegetarian, combining foods carefully (see pp. 19) will provide complete protein for new muscle synthesis. There is usually no need for protein or amino-acid supplements if ample high-quality protein is obtained from dietary sources.6

Does Our Energy Expenditure Increase Due to Weight Training

The increased energy demand of weight training depends on the intensity level and duration of a workout coupled with the energy needed for recovery and adaptation. The energy needed for a workout may be along the order of 5 to 10 calories per minute while recovery and adaptation may demand 100 to 300 calories over the next day. This additional energy expended should be calculated into your total energy expenditure (see Chapter 8). The predominant fuel powering weight training is carbohydrate, derived mostly from muscle glycogen stores and secondarily fat from fat tissue and within muscle tissue itself. One of the strongest influences will be epinephrine, which is released from the adrenal glands during intense training. Epinephrine will promote the breakdown of glycogen and fat

Cardio and Weight Training The Perfect Combination

Some people ask, Which is more important, cardio or weight work The answer is both. You need the combination of aerobic and weight training for overall fitness. As one of my clients once said, Weights make it hard cardio gets rid of the lard. If you want to do cardio and weights on the same day, that's fine. It's also fine to alternate days, whichever you fancy. There is not, as of yet, a definite rule on which you should do first merely personal preference. Some folks like to be good and sweaty before they hit the weights, whereas others prefer to get the weight training out of the way and then loosen up with cardio afterwards. The choice is yours.

Body Part Isolation vs Complex Movements in Strength Training

Working as a fitness professional, there is one type of question I get all the time that shows that many people are missing the big picture regarding the benefits of strength training. This popular question usually goes something like this Another benefit to moving away from the 'muscle isolation' mindset to a more 'complex movement' mindset is that you will find it much easier to lose body fat. The reason is that by focusing more on multi-joint complex movements as opposed to single-joint muscle isolation, you not only burn a lot more calories during each workout, but you also increase your metabolic rate, and stimulate production of more fat burning and muscle building hormones like growth hormone and testosterone.

Extra Protein to Build Muscles

The pound of steak just doesn't convert into bigger biceps. You need extra calories, and those calories should come primarily from extra carbohydrate rather than extra protein. Carbohydrate fuels your muscles so they can perform intense muscle-building exercise. By overloading the muscle not with protein but with weightlifting and other resistance exercise, the muscle fibers increase in size.

Questions Bodybuilders

For years, bodybuilders have fed themselves a traditional diet based on egg whites, chicken breasts, canned tuna, and protein shakes. Historically, we've had inadequate science to debate those rigid dietary rules. But today, exercise physiologists are intently researching the best ways to build muscles without steroids, that is. In particular, they are examining the role of nutrient timing the impact of when and what you eat in relation to resistance exercise. Rather than focusing on eating large amounts of protein, I recommend paying more attention to when you eat it. Eating small amounts at the right times offers results. If you are strength trained and in calorie balance, consuming 0.7 to 0.8 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day (1.6 to 1.8 g per kg) is more than sufficient. Given that most athletes eat in excess of the current recommendations, consuming enough protein is generally a moot point, unless you are restricting calories to lose weight. For detailed...

Supplements For Bodybuilders

Desire to have a high muscle mass low fat mass, as is the case in bodybuilders. Several studies have highlighted a very high use of supplements among bodybuilders in the range of 100 among females and 90 among males (362, 363). Brill and Keane (362) studied supplementation patterns of 309 competitive male and female bodybuilders in an age range of 13-70 years. Approximately 94 of all respondents took some kind of supplement, comparable to values of 90-100 observed in other studies (362, 363). Popular supplements are amino acid preparations, protein concentrates, protein-carbohydrate combinations, carnitine, inosine, pangamic acid, herbal formulations and micronutrient combinations. Some bodybuilders seem to cycle the use of specific supplements or their combinations depending on their stage of training. In the building phase a special focus is on supplements that are believed to be helpful in improving muscle mass and muscle strength, whereas during the cutting off phase the focus is...

Serious Strength Training

This is one of those books that is on the shelf of every one of the guru types in the bodybuilding and strength industry. Bompa is acknowledged as one of the greatest experts in his field. Bompa was a little early to be heralded in the same vein as Poliqin, Staley etc, however had the bodybuilding scene been so big on elevating people to guru status in those days, Bomba would have been the guy in all the bodybuilding magasines. Lots of training routines in this book, quite a lot of science , and some diet info. As we said above, this is not Body For Life, type stuff, this is serious training, very advanced techniques, don't order it if you want generic rubbish like 'Eat Big Train Big', this the art of bodybuilding science at it's peak.

Principle Variety of loading parameters is critical to achieve mass gains

Keep in mind that variety of loading parameters is not synonymous with the Joe Weider instinctive training principle or the train-as-your-mood-goes method. There has to be consistency and planned structure to succeed in your bodybuilding program. Variety is useful only in a planned manner.

Ladies Here Are Ten Reasons Why You Need To Take Strength Training Seriously

Research has proven over and over and over again the women who engage in a regular strength training program enjoy a long list of healthy benefits. You still may fear the possibility of looking like a man, but that is a myth - unless, of course, you took major muscle-enhancing drugs and trained like male bodybuilders. But as you realize the advantages of strength training, your negative attitude will rapidly fade. Here are 10 reasons why you need to take strength training more seriously

Is There a Role for High GI carbs for Bodybuilders and other Athletes

After all the high GI carb bashing I just did, the reader might think there is no place for them in the bodybuilders diet. This assumption would be wrong. Some bodybuilders will eat a high GI meal such as a bowl of white rice or corn flakes in skim milk, and drink a protein shake consisting of whey with it or mix a carb drink with a few scoops of protein powder.

Nutrition for Building Lean Muscle

If we all gained 10 pounds of lean muscle this year, we would need to consume 600 (the number of calories in a pound of muscle) x10 (the number of pounds of muscle growth stimulated), or 6000 calories a year over and above the amount needed for maintenance. Not 6000 calories extra a day, a week or a month, but a year To figure out how many calories a day above maintenance need that translates to, divide 6000 calories by 365 (the number of days in a year) and you come up with only 16 calories a day above maintenance needs. If you discover that your daily average caloric maintenance need is 3000, you need to consume 3016 calories a day in order to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle a year. Again, those 16 extra calories a day will add up to the 6000 extra we need for the year. When you consider that you may have been force-feeding yourself thousands of extra calories a day, it is almost embarrassing to discover you only needed 16 extra a day to gain 10 pounds of muscle. Incidentally, not all...

DeStress with strength training

More and more research concludes that strength training helps reduce anxiety. Your body's response to stress is to release chemicals to prepare your body for it, like adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol. Also called the fight or flight response. Being anxious about the holidays, your job, getting fit, or money also produces the stress response. But you still have those chemicals floating around in your bloodstream. Being sedentary and anxious is where stress wreaks havoc on your health - heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and aging. Lifting against a resistance is a great way to burn up those lingering stress hormones and help you feel better.

Protein and Resistance Training

A big however is that a resistance training session can lead to protein breakdown after a really strenuous session. Because the potential for protein breakdown is higher after a resistance training session, attention to proper recovery is a must. It's simple supply the body with essential amino acids and carbohydrates, and protein synthesis is enhanced. The result You'll build more muscle and your proper recovery will lead to strength gains as you progress through your training regimen. Visit the chapter on optimal recovery for some postexercise meal ideas.

Can HMB Improve Muscle Development

HMB is the abbreviation for p-hydroxy p-methylbutyrate, which is a derivative of the essential amino acid leucine. HMB is a fairly popular supplement with weight trainers at this time and it also added to some sport bars. HMB may also be found in limited amounts in citrus and catfish. There are several research articles that suggest that HMB supplementation (1.5 or 3 grams of HMB daily) for a couple of weeks can improve strength and lean body mass of previously untrained men. However, other researchers have not found such an effect. Therefore, questions still linger as to whether HMB supplementation can have a positive effect on muscle protein turnover and the development of greater lean body mass and strength.

How Do You Know How Much Resistance to Use to Promote Muscle Development

To overload a muscle, three sets of six to ten repetitions is probably adequate to stimulate growth. More sets will certainly provide a greater rate of hypertrophy, within reason. To begin, you need to estimate your one-repetition maximum (1-RM). This will be the maximum weight you can overcome to complete one repetition. Certainly it is not recommended that you try to determine your 1-RM by experimenting with heavy weights if you are just getting started. You can experiment with light weights and determine the best weight for an exercise (for example, shoulder press, bench press, curls) with which you are able to do about five to ten repetitions. This should be about 80 to 85 percent of your 1-RM. Your goal for muscle development is to do three to four sets of 8 to 12 repetitions before experiencing muscle fatigue.

Protein Bodybuilding Food

Without protein, there would be no life since it forms the basic substance of our muscles, bones, brain, nerves, heart, and every other organ. Only protein contains nitrogen, an essential part of protoplasm. Without it, the cells would slowly wear away, unable to reproduce and form new cells. As previously mentioned, red blood cells have a life of only 18 weeks and must constantly be replaced. Without a supply of dietary protein providing the amino acids essential for the reproduction of new cells, this would be impossible. The same holds true for cells lining the intestine, which are renewed every W2 days. The synthesis of protein is also essential for anabolism, or the formation of new tissue, occurring at an even rate for the average person that is stepped up considerably with bodybuilders since they are continuously training, breaking down tissue, and building muscle mass Dietary protein is also essential to catabolism, a process through which the amino acids found only in protein...

Modern Trends In Strength Training

Anybody who's been involved in bodybuilding for a while should know about or at least heard of Charles Poliquin. Poliquin is the world renowned trainer of multiple Olympians , american football players and literally thousands of people fortunate enough to be able to afford his services. Poliquin crossed into the bodybuilding arena a decade ago and is well known for his ability to increase students muscle mass at an almost unbelievable rate whilist also rather miraculously decreasing their bodyfat. This is our choice from the trainer most people class as one of the worlds very best. Incedentially, we were lucky enough to get Charles Poliquin to write the training chapter in our ebook, Muscle Building Nutrition.

Muscle Building Nutrition

Will Brink is pretty much renowned in bodybuilding circles as the supplement guru, his writings are in hard back and magasines all over the world. He has had a column in Musclemag for years and contributes nearly every month to Muscular Development. The title 'Muscle Building Nutrition' , is a little misleading as that's only half of this book, as although it contains his tried and tested mass gaining bodybuilding diet , that he has taught to pro bodybuilders, natural athlethes, golfers and many other star atheletes , it also contains reviews on over 30 bodybuilding supplements, including creatine, prohormones, whey , casein, ZMA etc.

Bodybuilders Nutrition

Being a winner in any sport requires rigorous training and the right diet, but these two elements are not the same for all athletes. In most sports the goal is peak performance when playing a game or match. This is based on strength, endurance, and energy, Lfimlirics used by bodybuilders mainlv in training and not on a field ii liLiufc lii competitive rveruii one il llse primr cnniuderatiotiH is mil1,en -.I -,1 f .irul Ciml lLhkltC atlitin Sincc rriiiciri bllilds mu Le tissue, bodybuilders have a high intake compared with other athletes, who need a greater percentage of carbohydrates to perform well during a game. In addition, if other athletes are highly skilled in their sport, no one l-jfm il lhcy ait eul, '.kinny. lh ljui ol propunion. A pcrfcci example ol ihis pnuir ln found in ihc boxing arena Mirny lighiers have well Jefinud bathes Ifickmg fisi Jcpo iLv VcFuic oihurs liiek definition and look fat yet both become world champions. On the mber hmni bodybuilders muss focus on...

Can Chromium and Chromium Picolinate Cause Muscle Development

Earlier reports by some researchers stated that participants taking chromium picolinate for 40 days in conjunction with weight-training programs increased their body weight. Furthermore, most of the increase in weight was attributed to lean body mass. Another research study described a slight weight reduction in chromium-picolinate supplemented football players. It was reported that these athletes became leaner as a result of a decrease in their body fat. However, other scientists challenged these studies because the methods used in these studies suffered from flaws that easily cast doubt upon the credibility of the results. More recent and better designed studies, including those published in the highly reputable research journals, failed to show beneficial effects of chromium supplementation. Furthermore, studies exploring the potential toxic effects of long-term chromium supplementation have not been completed. Some scientists also speculate that picolinate itself may unfavorably...

Nutritional Considerations For Strength Training

Training program will enhance your physical conditioning and ability to perform and complete strenuous mission tasks. In addition, it will keep you looking fit In this chapter information on strength training and the unique dietary requirements for strength training will be provided. Benefits of Strength Training Strength training should complement endurance training workouts. The specific benefits of strength training include Because strength training makes you stronger, it will also reduce your risk for injuries that typically accompany endurance training. Finally, strength training can make you faster at tasks that require quick, short bursts of activity (such as a running from a boat to land).

Protein and Bodybuilding

Suddenly, in the middle of her presentation, however, she flashed a slide of former Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson. The photo was great, but her subsequent comments regarding bodybuilding nutrition were not. Her take on it was this When a young man comes in to see me regarding nutrition and bodybuilding, I simply emphasize that all he needs are well-balanced meals. Using protein pow -ders and all those other supplements is a waste of time and money and won't add beneficial results. If he's adamant that he must have something in addition to balanced meals, I tell him to buy dry nonfat milk and add it to his beverages. I do this to pacify him, as it isn't necessary. The literature shows that bodybuilders really don't need any more protein than the RDA recommended dietary allowance of 0.8 to 1.0 grams per kilogram of bodyweight per day. For a 154-pound man, that's 70 grams of protein per day. Obviously, the woman knew less about bodybuilding and nutrition than most bodybuilders know about...

Muscle Building Nutrition Conclusion

After reading Section I and II of Muscle Building Nutrition, the reader is now well equipped to design the optimal diet for gaining size, and make educated decisions about which supplements are worth using and which are shear hype. No doubt, some people may need to read this book twice and continue to use it as a reference. I do my very best to supply all the information a person needs to make progress in their bodybuilding endeavors, but I always expect the reader to meet me half way. For me, if I have taught the reader something and made them think, I have done my job. However, not everyone likes to have to think. What can I say, you can't make all the people happy all of the time, but I do my best. The bottom line is, I have used these nutrition strategies with many high level bodybuilders and others strength athletes of all kinds, and it has yet to fail them. So what do you do after you have optimized your nutrition and supplement regime for gaining LBM after reading sections I...

Female Bodybuilders

All the diets in this chapter are good for both female and male bodybuilders. The difference is not in the type of food allowed but in its quantity, regulated by the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats This is found in the intake tables in Chapter 3. As discussed earlier, these diets differ from others found in books on nutrition and dieting. They are geared to the average person rather than bodybuilders in hard training who exercise regularly For this reason, their diets and intake of vitamins and minerals differ. In general, female bodybuilders should take more vitamin B6 to prevent water retention, more iron due to menstruating, and extra choline to maintain a low percentage of body fat. Olympics, have a problem with amenorrhea or a cessation of menstruation. This seems to occur even if the women are not taking steroids. Some of the women I train reported this problem when their percentage of body fat dropped below 10-12 percent of body weight. Ideally, their percentage of...

Resistance training

Strengthening exercise (achieved through resistance training RT) is known to increase muscle mass and strength and thus contributes to the preservation of these attributes during WR dieting. Moreover, RT improves a number of metabolic factors, especially insulin sensitivity. RT improves insulin action (48-51) whether measured by reduced insulin response to an oral-glucose tolerance test or with the euglycemic, hyperinsulinemic clamp. In fact, improved insulin sensitivity is one of the most important benefits of strength training. Castaneda et al. (52) have demonstrated this in adults with type 2 diabetes in only 16 weeks, and Wiley and Singh (53) note that RT can improve insulin sensitivity and glycemic control in elderly patients with diabetes.

Bodybuildingcom is the biggest bodybuilding website on the net, it's that simple, they have a huge audience and that shows in their sales of supplements. According to the top brass over there, they have shipped inexcess of half a million seperate orders for supplements todate. That's a lot of supplements, and the upside of that to you is that with that buying power their prices are low. does seem to ship abroad more readily however which may be good if your based in Europe or Canada etc. Many UK people tell us they can buy from these guys cheaper than from the UK and that includes the shipping. Another thumbs up from this monster of a website.


Thirty pounds of muscle is phenomenal for an entire career, let alone a single year. Logical bodybuilders will ask, But what about the drugs It had to be the gear he was on that gave him those kinds of gains. The fact is, Joe was controlled and quite modest in his anabolic androgenic steroid augmentation. There was no change in his program from the beginning to the end of that period. What's more, the amount and type of chemical additives he used were actually less than what he'd used for the previous five years, and still Joe exploded with more than 30 pounds of muscle. So the question is, What did it Joe's incredible 12-month gains were in large part the result of his increasing his protein by 250 percent. The lack of sufficient dietary protein is the single biggest obstacle for 90 percent of all bodybuilders, and it's a self-imposed one. Most bodybuilders simply don't stay on top of their real protein needs, especially when it counts. The sheer amount of whole food it takes to...

What the professionals are saying about this ebook

I commend Will Brink on his efforts to debunk sports nutrition supplements. Will's Muscle Building Nutrition is a must read - Lee Labrada, Founder of Labrada Nutrition,, Former world champion professional bodybuilder, IFBB Mr. Universe, top 4 placed in the Mr.Olympia for seven consecutive years. It is with great enthusiasm I have written a chapter to accompany Will's superb Muscle Building Nutrition. Combine Will's nutrition and supplement information with my training tips and advice, and success is virtually guaranteed.

What other people are saying about this ebook

The best read ever on the subject of gaining lean muscle. I can now say that after several weeks of getting used to the meal planning and food calculations that I now know the calorific value and nutritional content of everything I eat. I can also now pick up any food, look at the label and instantly know what it all means. The end result has been 10lbs of rock solid muscle gained in just over 1 month simply by training less and eating more and better. In my now 2 years of training I have never felt more on target, and never looked better. Until you understand these principles you can never really gain muscle. I trained for more than 3 years with hardly any results, then gained more lean muscle in the next 6 months using information than in the previous 3 years. If I had known this stuff earlier I could have literally saved 3 years of training. - Thomas Rogerson, Phoenix, Arizona, US

Alphaketoisocaproate KIC

Now the idea of building muscle up (anabolism) is nothing new to bodybuilders and other athletes. The idea of preventing lean tissue break down (anti-catabolism), thus having a net increase in muscle, is a fairly new concept. It has been discovered that decreasing muscle tissue breakdown can be just as important for gaining muscle as increasing protein synthesis (anabolism).

Pumping Iron The th Anniversary Special Edition

Truth is, if you don't own Pumping Iron and your a bodybuilder, then shame on you. If you are a bodybuilding fan, this is probably the most engaging 80 minutes or so of bodybuilding related celluloid you'll ever watch. This is the special edition version as well with loads of extras, but just as a standalone movie this is the ONLY bodybuilding documentary film that's worth Watch Arnold, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and a whole host of famous bodybuilders from the golden era battle it out for the Mr Olympia contest. See all the back stabbing, the comraderie, the training, the girls, the lifestyle, see Arnold at his best, the bicep segment is worth the DVD alone This is not just a training video (look for the Ronnie Coleman DVD for that) , training only takes up around 1 3rd of this film, maybe less, this in our opinion is 10x more entertaining. If you can't afford to buy this film, beg , borrow or steal it, it's superb, it's the best bodybuilding film ever made in our opinion,...

Fats That Heal Fats That Kill

Erasmus is probably the biggest non bodybuilding champion of fats as being critical to a bodybuilders diet. This book is probably our least 'bodybuilding' in nature but it's such an important book and a good read that we wanted to add it as we feel many bodybuilders will truly benefit by being more clued up on how healthy fats, can aid them in getting leaner and actually building more muscle mass. Many bodybuilders now take 'Udo's choice' oil as they have finally tuned into the fact that all fat is NOT created equal and that flax seed oil and other fats actually help the body to burn body fat, not increase it. While bodybuilding guru types like Will Brink champion the benefits of fats in the bodybuilding industry, Erasmus is the champion of the mainstream element. Is it strictly bodybuilding No. But it sure has hell contains information you should know. For that reason we included it.

The Learning Process Exposing The Yogurt Myth

Only after 10 years of learning about nutrition did I discover it has serious disadvantages, especially for competitive bodybuilders. Since the value of yogurt is approved in my earlier books with chapters on nutrition, I would like to discuss several reasons for my change in attitude. For bodybuilders, a diet high in yogurt can sabotage the best training program in the world. Yogurt, like most dairy products, causes a layer of fat to form beneath the skin and results in a loss of definition I came to realize this only after many years of competition. To reach my goal of pure muscularity without a trace of fat, it was necessary to give up yogurt Therefore, I strongly recommend eliminating it, along with other dairy products, from bodybuilding diets for one or two months before competitive events.

Transform a sound meal plan into a disaster In addition even the most sensible diets ignore the cruc

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning. Champagne, Illinois Human Kinetics. 1994. 4 Rinchardt, K. Effects of diet on muscle strength gains during resistive training. In Muscle Development Nutritional Alternatives to Anabolic Steroids. Columbus, Ohio Ross Laboratories. 1987. 78-82. 8 Walberg-Rankin, J. (1995). A review of nutritional practices and needs of bodybuilders. J Strength and CondResearch. 9(2) 116-124. 16 Roy, B., et al.(1996). The effect of oral glucose supplements on muscle protein synthesis following resistance training. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 28(5S) S769.

Competing Verona Brussels London

In 1968 I entered my first competition in Verona and won the national title of Mr. Italy. More than 40 others had entered the contest, so I took advantage of having so many bodybuilders conveniently gathered to ask questions about the foods they ate. I did the same thing in Brussels two months later when I won the title of Mr. Europe. A great deal of the information I gathered was similar, but 1 had the gut feeling that something highly important was still to be learned. An opportunity to find out what it was arose six months later when I entered the Mr. Universe competition in London Right from the start, it was obvious that the most outstanding bodybuilders were American Only they had real depth and clarity of muscle, in addition to the symmetry Europeans mainly trained for in the 1960s I wondered what made the big difference. After all, lifting weights is the same whether the weights are lifted in Europe or in the United States. We all have the same force of gravity to contend...

Sound Advice Highquality Protein

Of course, the advice given by experienced bodybuilders was invaluable. I especially recall talking to Reg Park at the start of my career when I knew very little about nutrition. There was a quality about Reg that made me feel he was an honest man, sure to steer me in the right direction. Many years of learning have filled my life since I had this conversation with Reg. After much reading, learning, and experimenting, I found nothing tl at disagreed with his advice. It formed the basis for my own school of thought concerning the best nutritional programs for bodybuilders, although it took a while to discover the exact meaning of high-quality protein. This is explained in more detail in Chapter 3.

Principle Strive to increase your poundages for reps

Be aware that before bodybuilders became walking pharmacies, in the days of Reg Park and Bill Pearl, they were strong. Reg Park was known to press behind neck over 300 lbs for reps. In those days, gyms were not so abundant and the Iron Game participants weightlifters, bodybuilders and powerlifters all trained together, so there was pressure for bodybuilders that have muscles to could produce strength.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM), is a complete 337-page e-book based on the little-known secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models - the leanest athletes on earth. This book has some excellent tips and tricks for fat loss over and above the standard 'eat less calories' credo. In fact he doesn't even suggest you do eat less calories. This contains a lot of top end tricks used by natural bodybuilders including calorie cycling, carb cycling, macronutrient splits and hormonal control. It lays everything out in a very simplistic fashion allowing you to jump right in. The sheer amount of good feedback we get about this book time and time again is testament to how effective Venuto's methods are at dropping fat fast.

Drugs And Wonder Foods

Most of us are fortunate to be born with our body systems working in perfect harmony. For the first few years of our lives we subsist on simple foods, rejecting what we don't like and eating only when hungry. Instinct guides our appetite rather than the flashy campaigns of advertising agencies that are fighting to survive in a highly competitive field As time goes by, we are influenced by the culture of peer groups, leaving us vulnerable to anything that promises a new life in a new body within a few days or weeks. On every side we are bombarded by propaganda that eventually makes us believe in a world full of miracle-packaged drugs and wonder foods. Eventually, we move toward a lifestyle based on psychological needs created by society instead of actual physical needs. In this way many of our instincts atrophy We begin to lose the natural harmony of our body systems by depending on drugs as shortcuts to success, thereby also losing the ability to function at the top capacity required...

Vitamin P Bioflavonoids

Functions Bioflavonoids play a role in reducing water accumulation in the tissues, and for this reason may be helpful to bodybuilders having a problem in this area. In this case bioflavonoids should be taken with vitamin C since they work best together and are not found in vitamin C supplements. Also, those having difficulty with the proper absorption of vitamin C should find C-bioflavonoid supplements helpful to their condition. Then they should be taken daily because both vitamins are water-soluble and not stored in the body. Bioflavonoids also serve to strengthen capillary walls and help prevent bruising that occurs in contact sports.

Action And Sources Of Digestive Juices

This discussion of the passage of food through the digestive tract makes obvious the chemical complexity of any meal containing protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Everything you eat must undergo a process of conversion into simple chemical products that can be absorbed through the intestinal walls and transported by your bloodstream to each individual cell. Only then are digested nutrients turned into the materials needed for building muscle tissue and for energy to meet the rigorous demands of a bodybuilder in hard training.

Principle Cut back on the other training

Technical training and energy system training should be put on a maintenance mode if done at all when training for added hypertrophy. Most coaches are probably having an anxiety attack reading these lines. However, my experience and the feedback from top-level coaches in alpine skiing, diving, figure skating, gymnastics and volleyball, support the fact that athletes perform their skills at a higher level when they return to them after a concentrated twelve week strength training block. Of course, a very brief period of adaptation (two-three weeks) is needed to reeducate the central nervous system in how to use that newly built body.

Principle Keep accurate records of your training poundages

Keep a detailed log book of your training program. According to Tommy Kono, the Michael Jordan of the sport of weightlifting, there is no single better training aid. In his words the palest ink is better than the best of memories . A well kept training journal will allow you to monitor and evaluate the efficacy of your training program and help to set short-term goals.

Are you delusional about your fiber makeup

Another way is to test your fiber make-up is to find your 3 R.M. and then wait 5 minutes and test for 1 R.M The most I have ever seen someone do on top of their 3 R.M. is 23 more. That is the range that top 7 World Class Olympic lifters will do. Yet, I have seen an Olympic Silver medalist in weightlifting only do 10 more which is the average score. If you can only do 2 more, take up rowing.

Anavolics The Science Behind Cell Volumization

Arginine Side Effects

The bottom line is that most lifters and many athletes want to find a natural, nonbanned supplement that has an anabolic effect. Despite what many of the recreational, fad-oriented fitness gurus say, we all want more muscle. At every bodybuilding show I attend or judge, I hear statements like, Next year I'm going to come in 10 pounds heavier, or, If I could just pack on some more size. Even the three-times-a-week, color-coordinated, minivan-driving lifter is looking for an extra inch or two of arm mass just some indication that all the work isn't being wasted. Gyms lose roughly half of their clients every year. Many quit because they see no progress others because they're lazy. If people see progress, they get excited and stay involved. The application to bodybuilding is obvious. Let's swell those muscle cells until they explode. Can they explode That might be cool to watch, but it sounds painful and may affect your bench press. Actually, the cells can't explode and in fact can only...

Boost Your Stagnant Metabolism

Losing bodyfat is one of a bodybuilder's main goals and possibly the most frustrating. After long periods of dieting you often hit a plateau. What happens when fat loss comes to a screeching halt You redouble your efforts. You fumble around with your diet, supplements, cardio and so on, trying to increase your caloric expenditure and metabolic rate.

Anabolic Anticatabolic QA

Q You ve done a lot of research on insulin. Is it a bodybuilder's friend or foe Should hardgain -ers try to get insulin surges throughout the day via high-glycemic-index carb intake to kick-start anabolism and blunt Cortisol release, or will that have negative effects I've noticed through the years that the types of diets that result in the lowest percentage of bodyfat in bodybuilders are those that control insulin release. Simply put, when insulin is controlled, you burn much more fat. That's the whole point of low-carb diets. For some people, however, such extreme I think it's beneficial to have an insulin spike as soon as possible after training, since many studies show that increased insulin at that time promotes increased muscle glycogen synthesis, greater amino acid uptake into muscle and decreased Cortisol. The best way to do that is to consume half a gram of simple carbs per pound of body weight along with enough protein to equal 40 percent of the carb dose. For example, a...

Ribose The Key to Cellular Energy

Ribose Glucose Arabinose

On an elemental level, all the size and strength gains you can possibly make come down to one thing energy. While it's obvious that you won't be able to train with maximum intensity if you don't feel energetic, you'll also make less bodybuilding progress because of the lack of cellular energy available. Your body needs cellular energy to power such essential reactions as glycogen and protein synthesis within muscle, as well as innumerable other biochemical recovery reactions that occur after exercise. The situation changes during periods of decreased oxygen availability, or anaerobic metabolism, which is the type of energy cycle used in high-intensity training, such as bodybuilding Making ATP from scratch is not a very efficient process and can compromise gains, so you don't want to be ribose deficient. Unfortunately, most hard-training bodybuilders are deficient because they don't get enough recovery time to regenerate ribose, which means they eventually run out of gas, plateau and...

Solution for Smallness

1970s Bodybuilding Diet

Much of what follows is in line with advice I was lucky enough to receive in the early 1970s from one of bodybuilding's pioneers, Pete Grymkowski, the co-owner of Gold's Gym International. In order to grow, he said, you have to consume large quantities of the highest-possible-quality protein supplements. In 1973 Pete achieved a peak contest weight of 256 pounds at 5' 10 , which was in large part due to the consistent consumption of a minimum of 500 grams of protein. That was during a time in which everyone he competed against was getting maybe 200 grams. This article describes a 12-month period in a gifted bodybuilder's career, during which he gained more muscle than he had in the previous eight years. I'll call him Joe, although it's not his real name. What Joe accomplished during that relatively brief 52 weeks can be repeated by anyone willing to let go of old habits and opinions in favor of a more effective approach, particularly with regard to nutrition. Damage without repair is...

The Chris Report Year on Steroids with onris Hart

This report is quite amazing and testament to the faith that Mick Hart (author of the Layman's Guides to steroids) has in his knowledge of safe and effective steroid use. The Chris Report is the complete step by step diary of his own son's (Chris) one year on anabolic steroids preparing for his first bodybuilding show.

Hormonal Wars The Conflict From Within

While you may not be aware of it, a struggle for biochemical domination is occurring within you. The victor of this war ultimately determines whether you make muscular gains or lose muscle and even get fat. The two combating armies are collectively called anabolic and catabolic hormones. The most familiar of them from a bodybuilding perspective are testosterone (anabolic), growth hormone (anabolic), insulin (anabolic) and Cortisol (catabolic). While Cortisol has gotten a bad reputation among bodybuilders due to its potent catabolic activity and tendency to promote bodyfat accretion, the fact remains that it's also essential to life. During stress reactions it's the first line of defense in, among other functions, maintaining energy levels and blood pressure. While such reactions can be lifesaving under certain circumstances, when you're resting or after you exercise, the results are hardly desirable. They include muscle loss, mineral excretion, sodium retention and other enemies of...

Vitamin E Tocopherols

Functions Its importance to bodybuilders is based on the essential role vitamin E plays in the respiration of cells, forming muscle tissue. In addition, it strengthens membranes making up cell walls and, in doing so, works to increase your muscular strength. Acting as a diuretic, it helps lower blood pressure, an important factor for bodybuilders who gam too much weight and place stress on their cardiovascular systems. Since those using steroid drugs also run the risk of elevating their blood pressure 10-15 percent above normal, they may also benefit from taking vitamin E supplements daily. Anyone allergic to oil-base capsules can purchase the vitamin in water-soluble dry-base tablets. Bodybuilders may find their endurance increased through the use of this vitamin because it helps increase a supply of pure oxygen from the red blood cells to the heart and other organs.

Vitamin B Pangamic Acid

Through the years, 1 have taken pangamic acid without experiencing any rise in my energy level therefore, I cannot recommend it for bodybuilders. I can, however, offer the information that it has established a reputation in racing circles for enabling horses to run faster and tire less easily. I have yet to discover if the horses were American, Russian, or Swiss.

Vegetarians vs meat eaters The debate continues

One recent study called, Effects of an omnivorous diet compared with a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet on resistance-training-induced changes in body composition and skeletal muscle in older men looked directly at this debate (Campbell, W.W., 1999). The researchers wanted to find out if an omnivorous (meat-containing) diet was superior to a lacto-ovo diet on the retention of muscle mass of older men put on a weight training routine. Nineteen men aged 51-69 years old were enrolled in the study that ran 12 weeks. 9 men ate their normal meat containing (omnivorous) diet, providing 50 of total dietary protein from meat sources such as pork, chicken, fish and beef. Another 10 men followed a lacto-ovo type vegetarian diet for the duration of the study with both groups following a weight training schedule. The authors concluded that, consumption of a meat-containing diet contributed to greater gains in fat-free mass and skeletal muscle mass with resistance training in older men than did an a...

Methylmethoxyisoflavone Methoxyisoflavone

Bodybuilders and other athletes have come to use the term anabolic to mean the building of muscle exclusively. This is only partly true. For example, physiology texts book will normally define anabolic or anabolism as the phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue or a process by which larger molecules are formed from smaller ones.

The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms

The Ultimate guide to massive arms, is the classic treatise on Escalating Density Training (EDT). EDT has been called the most significant shift in resistance training in 30 years. Coach Staley has written numerous books and has appeared in almost all the major bodybuilding publications inluding Muscle Media, Testosterone etc. Beginners find EDT highly motivational and simple to understand. Professional bodybuilders use EDT to jolt themselves out of long-standing plateaus. Includes chapters on motivational psychology, training principles, and a special ab training report. If your looking for something different and traditional training methods are leaving you with little gains, then we strongly suggest you give Coach Staley's principles a go. Gains of over 1 on arms are not unheard of with this course.

Carbohydrates Primary Source Of Energy

Common among bodybuilders is the practice of going on diets high in protein and very low in carbohydrate. Their understanding of the essential role played by protein in building muscle and repairing tissue is certainly correct. Yet too many remain unaware that carbohydrates are needed to power those muscles and to generate energy needed for training. Remember, the energy needs of the body take priority over all other functions, and when you do not have sufficient carbohydrates in the diet to provide energy it will be taken from the protein needed to build tissue. For this reason, many bodybuilders enter competitions in sad shape. Unlike pifi'in. lot which tin- process n diction begins in I he vtomach. (be digestion of starch 111 carbohydrates liepins 111 ihe mouth and 1 hen continues in ihe sunill inle tine I he main product of curbnbydrate mclaboliMr. is glucose. eotmnnnly known blood wr.i.' r. In This bum il cMrni our hli'Gdsiream Lirnl lirsi supplier llv crujr needt ul i ur ceiil 1...

Fat Secondary Source Of Energy

Competitive bodybuilders consider fat their worst enemy be cause it forms in layers between muscle and skin, causing a loss of definition. Many years ago, when bodybuilding was in its beginning stages, definition was not a deciding factor in winning competitions. At that time, building huge muscles was very difficult to accomplish, so a man with enormous muscle size was usually declared the winner of contests This accounts for the pictures taken of bodybuilders many years ago, which show men huge in proportion but with little thought given to form and balancing the body. However, as gaining bulk became easier over the years, definition and the rigid discipline it required came to the forefront and evolved into the deciding factor for winning competitions. Tliiisr bodybuilder who tend to bulk up and llicn crush-diet before compiling hclujd be aw.'irc ol constantly putting their hod J1 under ihc stress ju t mentioned. And vsen khim by hulking up. ihe. increase hn h muscle uud fat with...

How Do I Increase My RMR

Calorie burning to keep the fat off makes sense. When it comes to altering your RMR, nothing beats weight training. As you can plainly see, resistance training is essential to losing fat and maintaining lean body mass (muscle). In fact, it's just as important as aerobics if not more so. The truth is if a person has limited time for either weight training or aerobics, I would recommend the weight training over the aerobics any day. Several recent studies have found that resistance training maintains resting metabolic rate (RMR) better than aerobics (Bryner, et al, 1999). As well studies have shown resistance training is far superior to aerobics for maintaining the metabolically active tissue we need (muscle ) for a superior fat burning metabolism while trying to gain muscle mass. Weight lifting is the only exercise that has been proven to keep a person's metabolism elevated over long periods of time. Resistance training does burn approximately the same number of calories as if you went...

The Laymans Guide To Anabolic Steroids

These are real world best selling steroid books that are now available online as ebooks, written by the UK's leading bodybuilding and steroid coach - the very straight talking Mick Hart. The incredible popularity of these ebooks has provoked plenty of recent media coverage including recent issues of Men's Health and even the UK's highly regarded Guardian newspaper. Mick Hart is one of the very few coaches globally who is completely open and honest about the widespread use of steroids in not only bodybuilding but sports in general, and in these Layman's Guides he explains what can be a very complicated subject in simple terms that anyone can understand, as well as offering clear advice on correct use always with safety as the main focus.

Side Bar The Glycerol Story is it a carb

Glycerol (1,2,3 -propanetriol) is a nutrient that has gotten some attention in the bodybuilding magazines as a supposed plasma expander and is hocked as having some ability to increase the fullness of muscles. Some studies have found mild improvements in endurance athletes given glycerol (Wagner, D.R., 1999 Montner, P., et al., 1996.) but studies have been mixed with some finding no effect. As with all science, there isn't a unanimous consensus on glycerol's effects. Some sports nutrition companies sell glycerol to bodybuilders as a plasma expander as glycerol can pull fluids into the vascular system temporarily and may enhance the pump you feel in the gym or when stepping on stage. So far, the feedback on such a strategy is mixed with many bodybuilders reporting a crushing headache after ingesting large amounts of glycerol.

Keys To The Inner Universe

This massive tomb is bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl's condensed but complete collection of accumulated weight training knowledge. Written in 1982, it's one of the classic books on weight training, as much a collector's item as it is a reference. The book starts with a brief autobiography by Pearl, followed by a couple of sections about why weight training is beneficial for everyone and about the psychology of training and success in general. There are also short sections on energy systems, muscle physiology, and nutrition, which are not entirely accurate but are a satisfactory primer for the uninitiated. There is a short section on anabolic steroids and an interesting piece paying homage to Eugene Sandow.

Best Time To Take Supplements

When should I take my vitamin and mineral supplements is a question often asked by young bodybuilders and others coming to my clinic for training programs. As a rule of thumb, 1 recommend taking them before, during, or directly after meals to avoid the digestive upset experienced by some individuals who take them on an empty stomach. In so doing, an additional benefit is gained the nutrients in the supplements integrate with those in food, making for a faster rate of absorption into the bloodstream.

The thirty gram rule exposed By Will Brink

Some times by as mush as 225 As mentioned in the chapter, some researchers came to the conclusion that protein intakes for athletes should range from approximately 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight, for endurance athletes and up to 1.8g of protein per kg for strength training athletes. For a 200 pound bodybuilder - a strength training athlete - that would be approximately 164 grams of protein per day. Assuming that 30 grams of protein is the most anyone can digest, absorb and utilize, this person would have to split his intake into about five meals (164 divided by 30 5.47).

Anabolic Nutrition By Will Brink BCG

Bodybuilders and other athletes have come to use the term anabolic to mean the building of muscle. This is only partly true. For example, physiology texts book will normally define anabolic or anabolism as the phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesized into the complex materials of living tissue or a There are three major factors that will dictate whether or not a person will gain muscle mass genetics, form of exercise (i.e. weight training), and diet. It's been debated for years as to which of the three is the most important for gaining lean body mass (muscle ). For example, many professional bodybuilders have been quoted as saying they regard nutrition as the single most important factor to their success. It's debatable as to which of the three is the most important, and in fact, it's irrelevant. Unfortunately, we have essentially no control over the first, which is your genetics. A well known quote in bodybuilding circles is, the most important way to guarantee...

Introduction by Greg Elder Managing Director of Internet Publications

This special report has been written only for owners of Will Brink's superb ebook Muscle Building Nutrition If you have obtained this ebook and you are not an owner of Muscle Building Nutrition then please email us a admin to inform us. We consider this report to be the perfect companion to Muscle Building Nutrition because you now have two of the keys you need to sculpture the physique of your dreams - The correct nutrition and supplement knowledge from Will and the key principles to mass training from Charles.

Principle If you are in the longer than one hour you are making friends not training

Since this value is very strongly correlated to strength gains (r 0.86), one may infer that training under depressed androgen levels is counter-productive, since the catabolic effects of the glucocorticoids would negate the anabolic effects of the androgens. Apparently an hour pause is sufficient to allow the testosterone levels to normal. This is why modern strength training has evolved to multiple daily sessions from the traditional two-hour workouts.

Word about Diet Supplements Revealed

This ebook deals specifically with dieting and losing fat, it also has a very detailed guide which covers the diet supplements currently being sold. So if you're looking for more information about diet supplements - which are not covered here in this muscle gain supplement section - then this is the place to go. It's not for the extreme hardcore bodybuilders who think they know everything or the 'expert' who wants a science lesson. It's for the rest of the world who is tired of being manipulated by advertising, ridiculous claims, and books that are mostly endless recipes.

Priming the Anabolic Environment

This is probably one of the best all round bodybuilding books about. It's been out ages now but the information is as relevant now as it ever was as far as gaining mass fast is concerned. It's just a great read , written by one of a handful of people awarded the guru status in the bodybuilding world. Will Brink is most know for his column in Musclemag but he pops up all over the place, see his website for full bio at You can see all the good reviews on about it. Forget the one guy who's wittering on about it being a steroid book, don't buy it if you want a detailed steroid book, it only contains one chapter about steroids, the rest is all natural information on bodybuilding and gaining mass. Clearly that reviewer ust have lost the plot.

All Star Secrets

Gaining muscle and losing fat - this is the goal of almost everyone who works out, no matter at what level or age. But what if you could learn exactly how to GAIN MAXIMUM MUSCLE and LOSE MAXIMUM FAT in the next 30 days effectively - with proven information from top fat-loss and training experts Now, if you've been training for any length of time, you know how hard it is to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Trying to do both can sometimes leave you with little to no results at all. Imagine the results you could get with instant access to the most closely-guarded fat-loss and muscle building secrets of some of the most knowledgeable and respected trainers in the world How does a one-of-a-kind, truly ground breaking eBook that details the secret, rapid muscle-building and fat-loss strategies of 11 of the top personal trainers and fitness writers on the Internet sound - how a proper fat-loss diet can actually set you up for extremely rapid muscle gain when you switch to mass...


Training enhances K+ regulation in muscle and blood and reduces the rate of fatigue. Both endurance and strength training induces an increased muscle Na+, K+ pump concentration, usually associated with a reduced rise in plasma K+ during exercise. Although impaired muscle Ca2+ regulation plays a vital role in There are other things that take place both inside and outside the muscle that add to fatigue, but that's for another place and time as the explanation would be bor--- , overly detailed. Interestingly, it has been found that athletes increase their rate of calcium loss in sweat from prolonged endurance sports, and increase their loss in urine after intense weight training.

Fat Requirements

As most people are aware, hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone, insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin are major anabolic -muscle building -hormones. It's well known that a particular hormonal milieu is needed to increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat in response to exercise. For example, a weight lifter with inadequate testosterone levels will find it virtually impossible to add muscle mass even though he is weight training and eats well.


What is Creatine During short maximal bouts of exercise such as weight training or sprinting, stored adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the dominant energy source. However, stored ATP is depleted rapidly. To give energy, ATP loses a phosphate and becomes adenosine diphosphate (ADP). At this point the ADP must be converted back to ATP to derive energy from this energy producing system. The above was of course an immensely over simplified review of an exceptionally complex system, but the basic explanation is correct. To date, research has shown ingesting Creatine can increase the total body pool of CP which leads to greater generation of force with anaerobic forms of exercise, such as weight training, sprinting, etc. Volek, J. S. and N. D. Duncan, et al. No Effect of Heavy Resistance Training and Creatine Supplementation on Blood Lipids, Int. Jour. Sport Nutr. Exerc. Metab. 10 2 (2000), p. 144-156.

Tribulus terrestris

Body weight, body composition, maximal strength, dietary intake and mood states were determined before and after an 8-week exercise of periodized weight training and supplementation. The study found there were no changes in body weight, percentage of bodyfat, total body water, dietary intake or mood states in either group.

Stellas Kitchen

We are pretty keen on this book, and although it's the only item we have in this ebook that is not strictly 100 about bodybuilding we had to include it for two reasons. Reason 1, there is nothing else currently like it available on the market, trust us we really looked. and Reason 2, in our dealings with Muscle Building Nutrition our thousands of customers always ask us for loads of recipes and menus so we know people will be interested. Stella's kitchen should have probably been called' The Bodybuilders Cookbook', It would probably be considerably better known than it is. Stella Juarez , is an accomplished cook who has featured recipes in the all the major bodybuilding mags, including Muscle Media. What she has done here is combine a couple of hundred bodybuilding recipes into one cookbook, along with simple instructions, ingredients and the calories, protein, carbs, fats and fibre etc in each serving. Most are high protein, low-medium fat based meals, there are meat, poultry, fish,...

Essential Fats QA

Science has recently discovered that the EFAs, including the omega-3s, -6s and -9s, are vital for health. You may have noticed that nuts are included in many diets in IRONMAN, precisely because they contain the EFAs that facilitate proper hormone production. For most bodybuilders, however, a balanced EFA supplement is also necessary for an optimal muscle-building environment, especially those who are restricting calories to stay lean. Other studies show that a diet containing at least 30 percent fat is absolutely essential to testosterone synthesis in the body. This is particularly important for natural bodybuilders, who often favor diets of less than 10 percent total fat. Such diets, when combined with the increased Cortisol release that oc- Jerry Braimim, bodybuilding and nutrition researcher About three years ago a number of bodybuilding writers including Will Brink and myself proposed the idea of increasing performance by modifying an athlete's diet with more specific dietary...


Arginine has shown a very good safety profile to date and appears to have virtually no toxic effects. From an athletic muscle building point of view, things become much less clear. Early studies suggested arginine could increase growth hormone levels, but in truth (a) these effects were found using very high doses and were intravenous and (b) short lived spikes in GH don't appear to have any positive effects on muscle mass or performance in healthy athletes anyway. Also, NO is a messenger molecule related to virtually just about every pathway in the human body one way or another. Therefore, simply raising NO will have both positive and negative effects, most of which are not known at this time. It may be shown that the improved blood flow might increase oxygen saturation of tissues making it a good candidate for endurance athletes or a pre workout supplement for bodybuilders, but that has yet to be proven.

Wheys and Means

I Jm bodybuilders tend to be quite I I savvy. Many can tell you precise -W me ly how many grams of protein ate f f in an egg or a chicken breast. They take the meaning of the word protein literally, with the perception that it's the most important nu -trient for successful muscle building. Few body -builders would argue about the necessity of consuming increased amounts of protein to foster anabolic effects in muscle. Points of both con -tention and confusion arise, however, when it comes to the subject of protein supplements. The original ion-exchange proteins offered to bodybuilders about five years ago were probably the lowest quality from a nutritional standpoint when compared to ultrafiltered whey. One frequent criticism of ultrafiltered whey is that it has a higher fat content. But the truth is that all whey proteins contain some fat, since completely removing all traces of fat would require hydrolyzing the protein, which in turn denatures the protein. Once protein is denatured,...

Eating On The Road

When traveling, it is easy to be thrown off your normal pattern of behavior, training, and diet. Finding the right food in a market or restaurant is sometimes extremely difficult, so learn to be selective when traveling. Look for restaurants offering a large selection of fish dinners, and you will always find it easy to choose a nourishing, low-fat meal. Fish should always be your first choice, but when this proves impossible, select chicken or meat Form the good habit of always leaving some food on the plate. In many-restaurants meat is accompanied by foods of low nutritional value, so plates look full and impressive, giving people the feeling of getting their money's worth. This is a surefire way of getting customers to return to the restaurant again and again. As far as I'm concerned, however, the amount of food or its decorative presentation is not impressive when it lacks muscle-building value.

Protein requirements

For the past half century or so scientists using crude methods and poor study design with sedentary people have held firm to the belief that bodybuilders, strength athletes of various types, runners, and other highly active people did not require any more protein than Mr. Potato Head err, I mean the average couch potato. However, In the past few decades researchers using better study designs and methods with actual athletes have come to a different conclusion altogether, a conclusion hard training bodybuilders have known for years. The fact is that active people do indeed require far more protein than the RDA to keep from losing hard earned muscle tissue when dieting or increasing muscle tissue during the off season. Another group of researchers in the field of protein metabolism has come to similar conclusions repeatedly. They found that strength training athletes eating approximately the RDA RNI for protein showed a decreased whole body protein synthesis (losing muscle jack ) on a...


Since my interest in bodybuilding had become the focal point of my life, I decided that a specific course of action was essential to becoming Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, or a champion of any kind. Believing that the basic principle of making it to the top was divided equally between exercise and nutrition, I planned on putting 50 percent of my efforts into developing the best possible training program for my body and 50 percent into finding the most beneficial diet for muscular growth. In each case I would experiment until maximum results were achieved in a minimum amount of time and with the least effort. Feeling confident in this direction, I continued my investigation of bodybuilding diets, constantly adding to a store of information on nutrition When I entered chiropractic college, the courses on nutrition opened my eyes to the relationship between food intake and body chemistry. Each day I discovered fascinating details of my body's makeup that would give me control over its...


In 1966 I began directing my energies to powerlifting, thus becoming my own manager. This proved to be the perfect start for my career in bodybuilding. At the time I was living in Germany and working full-time in a factory while still maintaining the discipline of training regularly. It was at a gym in Munich that I met a young, unknown bodybuilder named Arnold Schwarzenegger. We became training partners and friends almost immediately, trying to beat each other in powerlifting events. At the gym I also got my first look at some of the top European bodybuilders, including Mr. Italy Listening to their conversation, I noticed they focused a great deal of attention on nutrition. Training alone doesn't make you a good bodybuilder, they kept saying The right food is just as important for building strong and healthy muscles Intuitively, I knew they were on the right track, but more than gut feelings caused me to follow their lead. Proof was before my eyes every time one of the top...

Wonder Foods

In truth I have never found any food more wonderful than eggs, and my opinions regarding their value are stressed throughout this book. Many young bodybuilders, however, are particularly vulnerable when it comes to believing myths created to sell certain food products at high prices. For example, one myth popular in bodybuilding circles a few years ago gave credit to the stimulating effects of Siberian ginseng for the superior performance of Russian athletes. Because anything with an exotic name seems to hold magical qualities, especially if you are young, 1 tried some but failed to discover any benefits A short time later I went to Czechoslovakia as a participant in a weightlifting event also attended by a number of Russian athletes. Since a few spoke German, I took the opportunity to question them about the stimulating properties of Siberian ginseng I somehow was unable to realize. They shrugged their shoulders, saying they couldn't advise me since Russian athletes never drank the...


Aside from rigid, ill-informed dieting practices, the most common problem in bodybuilding today is the taking of steroid drugs without regard for the possibility of damaging one's health beyond repair. Sure, we all want to be winners, and competition is good, driving athletes to discover their full potential, but the day we come to value winning over good health is the time to stop and take a hard look at the cost of becoming a champion. I became a Mr. Universe winner before I knew that steroid drugs existed. As a matter of fact, there was little mention of steroids in bodybuilding circles until 1976, when articles regarding their use began appearing in bodybuilding magazines By the 1980s, however, interest in steroids was widespread among bodybuilders, so several individuals involved in the sport began writing booklets on steroids and selling them at high prices. They found a ready market composed of bodybuilders and young kids training with weights. I read a number of these booklets...

Eating For Success

Each year I receive thousands of letters from bodybuilders and other athletes around the world, requesting information on my dietary habits and intake of food prior to competitive events. Only a few answers can be given in a letter. It takes the scope of an entire book to explore fully the bas s for my attitudes, opinions, and personal development in relation to nutrition. Remember, success is achieved not only by following the example of another, but also by understanding his reasons for pursuing a particular plan of action. Therein lies the power and self-mastery needed to overcome obstacles, outmatch competition, and become an expert or champion in any field. My serious training for the Olympia started 8-10 weeks before the contest when I concentrated on working with full power. Careful attention was paid to my diet since mistakes could be costly, leading to a weight gain or to a loss of definition. During this period, when I trained from two to four hours a day, I increased the...

Protein QA

O Ijust read in a bodybuilding magazine that whey is far superior to casein for bodybuilding pur -poses. Should I be using straight whey protein if I want the fastest gains possible highly debatable sub- I ject in and of itself. The I point is you get much better bodybuilding re- W f . Jerry Brainum, bodybuilding and nutrition researcher

Vitamin A

Bodybuilders need vitamin A to maintain firm and healthy skin tone so they avoid looking worn and wrinkled onstage. Also, their need to concentrate on definition demands a low percentage of body fat, which can make them more susceptible to infection. To compensate for this possibility, those in hard training for several months before a contest can increase their intake of Vitamin A to 50,000 units, while 10,000 are sufficient for the average bodybuilder.


One of the nonmetallic elements found in every body cell is sulfur, often considered vital to maintain the body beautiful. Since its highest concentration is found in the hair, skin, and fingernails, it has gained a reputation for keeping skin clear and youthful, hair glossy, and fingernails strong. Many ointments and creams used for the treatment of skin problems, such as acne, contain sulfur. Bodybuilders who want to look their best onstage may want to investigate some of these products, which are sold in most health food stores. Functions Sulfur helps the liver produce bile, a point of special interest to bodybuilders, since bile breaks down fat that causes a loss of definition. Personally, I found that sulfur made no difference, but not all constitutions are the same, so others may benefit from it. Because sulfur takes part in the metabolism of carbohydrates, it also serves a function in providing energy. Several amino acids contain sulfur, thereby closely relating it to protein...

The Americans

Snacks wrapped in cellophane paper or plastic bags. Even more to be avoided as evil demons were sugar-loaded foods such as candy and pastry. Instead of having a piece of pie, cake, or ice cream for dessert like their fellow Americans, the bodybuilders ate fruit, having grapes, an apple, or a pear, particularly before training at the gym.


Cells were not discovered until 1839, although life was first formed on this planet about three and a half million years ago. This is not surprising because most cells are so tiny that several million could fit into a container the size of a pencil eraser. Yet our life, our health, our path to becoming winning bodybuilders depends on the well-being of these microscopic units of life.

Vitamin K

The chief function of this fat-soluble vitamin is producing prothrombin, a blood-clotting substance that prevents hemorrhages. If you are sub ect to nosebleeds very often, or notice that cuts take a long time to stop bleeding, I would suggest discussing the use of vitamin K with your doctor. Bodybuilders on steroids, which make the liver work overtime, may also want to investigate the use of this vitam n since it plays a role in maintaining a healthy

Cytotoxic Testing

At the Columbu Chiropractic Center we are currently involved with several doctors working on cytotoxic testing. This is a process of evaluating specific foods and chemicals that damage the body systems by placing them under constant stress to combat toxic foods and substances. For example, when the blood tests of 1,000 adult patients were evaluated, we discovered that a majority were allergic to dairy products, though their nutritional value is first-rate. Milk and cheese are high in vitamin A and calcium, and yogurt helps regulate bacteria in the colon. Certainly, babies and young children need milk because serious conditions pertaining to growth and bone formation result when too little is consumed. Children thrive on milk, while many adults suffer allergic reactions due to a difference in their digestive processes. The young have an abundance of rennin, an enzyme that curdles milk, causing the protein to precipitate so it can be acted on by pepsin, another enzyme in the upper half...


Several studies with athletes have recently been conducted, and the results look positive, albeit not overwhelming. For example, a recent study with 15 male bodybuilders examined exercise performance over a four week period. Antonio, J., D. Van Gammeren and D. Falk. The effects of ribose supplementation of exercise performance in recreational male bodybuilders, Data

Vitamin B Cobalamjnj

Although mitn bodybuilder - beiicvc in getting vitamin B t -hotb. f find their efieetnenvv. I i mi Led. When ihe vitamin is injected directly into ihc body, going into he bloodstream, it Lists only about lour hours. Therefore to he as effective as claimed, u would be necessui lo gel u vitamin B _- shot every fou hours. I don't believe anyone is willing to do this. On the other hand, when the vitamin is taken in tablet form, it remains in the body for a much longer period of time. For example, its absorption in the small intestine alone takes about three hours, while only seconds are required for the absorption of the other B vitamins. Certainly, it is a good idea to have an adequate amount of vitam n B 2, but as a bodybuilder who wants to gain the most benefit from supplements, you would be far better off increasing your intake of vitamin B6. I realize that many bodybuilders believe vitamin B 2 will work miracles that are perhaps better realized through hard training and a carefully...

Physically Incorrect

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Ribose QA

Synthesis Adenosine

Now, however, a new process of ribose production makes it more readily available to consumers. While I covered the basics about how ribose works in the body and why it could have a significant effect in ac -tive people, such as athletes and bodybuilders, in the previous article, I didn 'I answer all the questions about this substance. To complete the picture about the practical use of ribose, I inter iewed a man who is actively engaged in the marketing and research of it.

Folic Acid Folacin

Functions The inclusion of folic acid in the diet of bodybuilders is important for several reasons. In its role as one of the water-soluble B vitamins, it stimulates the production of hydrochloric M (d. 1 hereby helping in the breakdown ol protein. Without a sufficient supply ut folic add. 11 would be necessary to increav votir intake of hydrochloric acid supplements It is .ilso essential to 1 he lor iiiation iv a number o amino uud . in chiding tyrosine and methionine. Working as a carrier for the iron-containing protein in hemoglobin, it is vital to the formation of red blood cells, The process ol mitosis find cell repnhliu I ion throughout llic hmh systems ts also dependent on folic ucnJ in -vnthesi e UNA ldcu yribnnudcic liddl and RN A I ribonucleic acidh elements vital to the nucleus of every cell.

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