Sample training programs days out of Option Gifted individuals

There are many split routine options for these individuals, as their recovery ability superior. However, in most cases, I recommend a three days out five training split, where each bodypart is trained thoroughly once every five days. The only disadvantage with the 3 days out of 5 split is that most often you do have to train at least one day per weekend. But when you are serious about your training this is not too much of a constraint.

For illustration sake, I will detail the following training split:

Day 1: Chest, Back & Shoulders Day 2: Thighs, Calves Day 3: off

Day 4: Arms & Forearms Day 5: off

As you can notice, there is no direct abdominal work in this phase. I often eliminate or reduce drastically one bodypart's volume per phase, this allows for greater concentration on chosen bodyparts and permits recovery for some. For example, if one wants big arms, a key to reaching that goal is to do NO DIRECT WORK on them, three months in a row out of every year. In this case, the split may look like this:

Day 1: Chest, Back Day 2: Thighs, Calves Day 3: off

Day 4: Shoulders & Abs Day 5: off

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