Principle Strive to be strong at all angles

One mistake I often see when applying the most bang for your exercise principle is that people only do the ones where they can use the highest loads. For example, they will do back squats but won't do front squats, they will do close parallel chin-ups but not subscapularis pull-ups and so on...

They are the same of individuals that will only incline barbell press if the bench angle is set at 45 degree or less, for fear of not appearing strong to their fellow lifters. So what, if your bench is set 62 degrees, it is the recruitment of new motor units that counts. If you understand the concept of structural balance, you will not be afraid to train lifts which you are poor at. Take the example of Ed Coan who had made an impressive jump in his bench press performance. When asked what he attributed it to, he replied that he had brought up his press behind neck.

Besides gaining muscle mass faster while using this principle, you will also remain injury free as your strength levels will be balanced. Overuse of certain exercises leads to pathologies similar to repetitive pattern conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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