Principle For greater workout efficiency make antagonistic pairs contract alternately

Regardless whether you are in an accumulation phase or an intensification phase, you will be able to recruit more motor units if antagonist pair contract alternately(e.g. flexion followed by extension). as opposed to agonist contractions alone (precontraction of antagonists).

The ability of achieving full motor unit activation (MUA) in a muscle contraction may be enhanced when immediately preceded by a contraction of the antagonists. This has the added benefit of allowing to double the workload per training unit. Alternate exercises working agonists muscles with exercises working antagonistic muscles together, while respecting long rest intervals.

For example, after doing a 6 R.M. set of incline barbell press for the chest, rest 100 to 120 seconds perform an heavy set for the antagonist muscle i.e. 6 R.M. set of weighted pull-ups for the upper back, rest another 100 to 120 seconds and repeat the described-above procedure for the required amount of sets.

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