Principle Be quiet in the gym

No talking in the gym. Your proverbial non-gainer is often the guy that yaks away in the gym. Talking between sets about irrelevant topics takes away from the focus needed to use optimal loads for the prescribed number of reps.

In fact, I think they should make legal to roundhouse kick in the face with a pair steel-toe boots anyone you who uses a cell phone in the gym. The only talking permitted would be training related: pushing your partner, telling him or her how much weight you want on the bar. Training has to be conducted in a business-like manner if you are serious about making gains. Concentration on every rep and every set is the key to effort and results. This is why there are no mirrors and music in my Performance Center, the rule is simple; go heavy or go home. There are also no chairs to sit on to drink your post-workout. Lounging around will destroy a great atmosphere. Once their workout is done, we give them their post-workouts in a bottle to drink on their way home.

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