Muscle Building Nutrition Conclusion

After reading Section I and II of Muscle Building Nutrition, the reader is now well equipped to design the optimal diet for gaining size, and make educated decisions about which supplements are worth using and which are shear hype.

No doubt, some people may need to read this book twice and continue to use it as a reference. I do my very best to supply all the information a person needs to make progress in their bodybuilding endeavors, but I always expect the reader to meet me half way.

Applying this information will take some work, thought and effort on the part of the reader to get the most from this book. Anyone who tries to sell you a book, or a course, etc., who claims it will take no work on your part is a liar who is leading a fool.

For me, if I have taught the reader something and made them think, I have done my job. However, not everyone likes to have to think. What can I say, you can't make all the people happy all of the time, but I do my best. The bottom line is, I have used these nutrition strategies with many high level bodybuilders and others strength athletes of all kinds, and it has yet to fail them.

I look forward to hearing from people after they read and follow the instructions in this book, not to mention all the money they will save when they realize how many products on the market are really just marketing hype.

So what do you do after you have optimized your nutrition and supplement regime for gaining LBM after reading sections I and II? Your final job of course is to set up a resistance training program that will take full advantage of the diet and supplement information found in Muscle Building Nutrition.

The fact is, most people get results from their workouts in spite of what they do in the gym, not because of it! Of course, when I wanted to add a section to this book that covered routines and tips for gaining LBM in the most efficient and scientific manner, I approached Charles Poliquin.

In my opinion, Charles is the pre-eminent strength coach in the US, perhaps the world. Charles has put together a list of tips, advice, and routines, that will pack on mass- if applied correctly and combined with the diet info from sections I and II-that could make you the envy of everyone in the gym.

At the very least, you will make the type of progress you have always wanted and your genetics will allow, which is all anyone can ask for. Although Charles's chapter covers virtually everything a person needs to set up an effective plan for gaining LBM, there is always more to learn. After reading his section, I highly recommend you visit his site at: and seriously consider reading some of his books, videos, CDs, etc.

Armed with the Anabolic Diet information from Section I, the supplement information from Section II, and Charles's training information (which now follows) in the bonus chapter, it's virtually impossible for you to fail. So get to work!

As always, train to gain, not just maintain! Will Brink



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