Most people involved with sports nutrition and sports nutrition supplements has heard or read about Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl-butyrate or HMB for short. HMB appears to be one of those classic supplements that looks great in the lab but has had a rocky track record with "real world" users. Let me back up a moment.

HMB is actually a metabolite of the amino acid L-leucine. L-leucine is one of three amino acids known as the branched chain amino acids or BCAA (isoleucine and valine being the other two).

It has been known for a long time that BCAA play a critical role in the turn over of lean body tissues (muscle) and is muscle sparing (i.e. anti-catabolic) in a variety of muscle wasting states. Of the three BCAA, L-leucine appears to be the most important to preserving hard earned muscle mass and intense exercise and certain disease states have been shown to eat up a great deal of L-leucine. So far so good!

The main drawback of L-leucine is the fact that you must use large amounts of this amino acid to get a positive effect making it both expensive and impractical. Many studies that showed benefits were in fact done intravenously and used as much as 5 grams per hour of L-leucine!

That my friend is a lot of leucine.

So, it was theorized there might be a metabolite of this ultra important amino acid that was responsible for many of the positive effects of L-leucine but could be taken in far lower doses and by mouth (as opposed to having a tube stuck in your arm). That metabolite appears to be HMB.

Animal research with HMB has been impressive. During stressful conditions, animals will often lose weight and/or become quite ill. Some even die. This of course can be quite expensive for any company trying to make a living from these animals in one way or another. When animals were fed HMB they found a large reduction in mortality rates, increases in muscle mass, and improvements in immune function in the animals fed HMB.

Several studies in humans have also looked promising. Studies using both trained and untrained subjects found increases in muscle and decreases in bodyfat in people ingesting just three grams (3000mg) of HMB per day.

The average was approximately 2-4 pounds of muscle put on with an equal amount of fat taken off over a four week period. The scientists also found that HMB positively affected several biochemical markers of intense exercise that would lead one to believe that there was a reduction of muscle wasting in people taking HMB. "So what's the problem," you ask? The problem has been mainly that what looked so promising in the research has not been fully realized in the real world, hence my introduction to this section.

Several follow up studies with HMB in people also failed to find any results. Feed back from real world users has been generally negative with HMB. Some seem to feel they have benefited from it while most found HMB a big waste of money.

Were the studies that found benefits flawed? Are some people not taking enough? Does it depend on the nutritional status of the person using it and/or how they train?

It's not known for sure at this time, but considering the costs of HMB and the fact there are other less expensive alternatives that clearly work (i.e., creatine) I see no reason for hard working athletes to spend money on HMB until a definitive answer can be found. At this time, HMB gets a thumb's down for building muscle, but if you want to give it a try, I will not hold it against you ©

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