Are you delusional about your fiber makeup

In the last few years, I have many readers write in claiming that they were fast-twitch individuals because they could only limited amount of reps at a percentage of max. For example, at 85% of maximum, for most lifts, a typical individual will do 5 R.M., a gifted fast-twitch athlete will do 2 reps. I have seen in twenty two years only one person who did even less: one rep at 85%. He was a running back from the NFL. At a bodyweight of 190 lbs, he bench pressed 300 lbs his first day training under my guidance. His teammates corroborated the fact that he was not a weight room enthusiast.

However, I doubt very much that there is that many of them running around. Here is why:

  1. For the last two decades, I have trained mainly Olympians. Therefore athletes who went through an extensive selection process before I ever got the chance to work with them. One of the factors that made them superior was their superior fiber make-up. Even amongst that select segment of the population, only a small percentage 0.3% had scores below 3 reps on the 85% of 1 R.M.. The athletes who achieved such scores were throwers, American Football wide receivers and running backs, lugers, bobsledders, weightlifters and judokas.
  2. I have seen individuals improve the number of reps they can do at a given high percentage of max (e.g. 85%) once they correct a mineral deficiency and/or have gotten rid of high levels of toxic metals such as mercury and lead.
  3. Over the last two years, we have measured levels of mercury after injected with the chelating agent D.M.P.S.. The athletes who had high levels of mercury, tended to have a poor ability to repeat at a high percentage of maximum. The number of reps they could do a t 85% would increase within 8 weeks of following a program to detoxify that toxic metal.
  4. If an athlete's meat intake is very low, his ability to do reps at high percentage of maximum is compromised as his creatine intake is low.
  5. Also I have seen individuals score poorly on high reps because they lived under the illusion that they were fast-twitch, by manipulating their warm-up and using a combination of kilo and pound plates to prevent assessing the weight on the bar properly by them, testing showed that they were in fact slow-twitch.
  6. Outside of very intrusive biopsies, which not that valid anyway, the best tests for fiber make-up are done in biomechanics labs where time to peak force are measured.
  7. Individuals who are truly fast-twitch not only well on strength tests but rather distinguish themselves on field power tests like throwing and jumping tests variations, such as the penta-jump and the seated medicine ball throw. The standardized track and field quadrathlon test could give a fair idea of what your fiber make-up test is.

Another way is to test your fiber make-up is to find your 3 R.M. and then wait 5 minutes and test for 1 R.M.. The most I have ever seen someone do on top of their 3 R.M. is 23% more. That is the range that top 7 World Class Olympic lifters will do. Yet, I have seen an Olympic Silver medalist in weightlifting only do 10% more which is the average score. If you can only do 2% more, take up rowing.

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