Chapter Lipids Sterols and Their Metabolites

PETER J. H. JONES and STANLEY KUBOW Hj.StPIi.caLIntrodiuictipn

Chemistry ..and..Struc e

Triglycerides.. and. .Fatty.MA,cids



Dietary Considerations Digestion and Absorption Mouth.. and. Esophagus intestinal Digestion Absorption

Digestion and Absorption of Phospholipids

.Di.ges.ti.o.n..and... Absorptionpf. Sterols

  1. and. ..Metabolism Solubility .pf.. Lipids
  2. .,T,r,a,n,spo,rt..Sy,ste,m
  3. System

Apoproteins, Lipid ..Transfer. ..Prote,i,n.s,.Ma,n,dM .Lipoprotein,. ā€˛Metabolism

  1. Factors,. .That. .InfluencePlasmaMLipoprpteins
  2. and. Conversion .ofLipids .to... Other. .Metabolites Fatty.. Acid.. .Oxidation

Peroxidatiye .ā€˛Modification. o,f..y.pi,ds

Intracellular. and.. ..B.,ipsyn.t,,oi. ..Lipids Fatty.Acids


Functions .ofEssential .Fatty. Acids Membrane ..Functions.. and. .Integrity

Biosynthesis .and ..Function.. of Eicpsanoids Essential Fatty Acid Requirements n-6. Fatty.Acid.. Requirements n-3.. .F,atty,..Ac,id,..Eequirefflents

Acknowledgments Chapter. References


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