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Dietary Carbohydrates Starch

Starch.BreaMown Resistant „Starch DjetaryFiber

Sugar Functions „and^Prope^rties

Getting Glucose Into Cells—The Transporters The Human Faciiitatiye-Diffusion„Glucose.Transportejr.Family

  1. , of Glucose .TransportersbyUse ofTransgenic .and..Knock:Out„ Mice
  2. .G!ucose—Metabolic..and...Hormo.nal„ .Regulation

Metabolic Hormonal

Transepithelial.. Hexose.. Transport—Intestine.. and. .Kidney Nai-Glucose .Cotranspocters. (SGLTs) Glucpse-Gaiactose.. Malabsorption ElectrpgenicGlucose-LinkedNii.. Transfer

Glucose ..Storage Glycogen

Ca,rboh.ydrates„.and.. Athletic. .Performance Caiboh.yd.rateJ.n.t.o.le.ra.n.ce Diagnosis,.. ,oLC,a,r,b,o,hY,d,r,ate..lntole,ra,,n,c,e

Caries and Sugar

Carbohydrates.. and.. Health Glucose.. .an1d..,C,e,r,e,,b,r,al..FMnctio,n,s Chapter.References Sele^ctedReadinggs

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