The preparation, editing, and production of this extensive work has succeeded because of the expertise, effort, and dedication of many individuals in addition to the authors. The editors have worked with some personally, while others have been involved "behind the scenes" at the editorial, publication, and distribution stages.

At Williams and Wilkins, our interactions were primarily with Donna Balado, acquisitions editor; Victoria Vaughn, formerly senior managing editor; Jennifer Schmidt, managing editor; Jennifer Weir, production editor; and Anne K. Schwartz, copy editor. We express our appreciation to them for their guidance, knowledge, and cooperation in solving the numerous issues arising at various stages of planning, executing, and producing this work.

We are particularly indebted to Betty Shils, Beverly Satchell, Maggie Wheelock, and Denise Kowalski for enabling us to manage the enormous number of communications, records, manuscripts, and page proofs involved in the editing process.

To our respective spouses, Betty, Giovanna, Sherry, and Alex, we extend appreciation and thanks for their understanding and support of the increased demands on our time.

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