William A Patient Of Dr Alan Spreen

I had been seeing a psychiatrist for depression and was on medication--and still am. I noticed that while the medicine took care of certain symptoms, it seemed to have no effect on an enormous number of them. I used to be a body-builder back in the early 1980s, so I had some experience with nutrition. I went to see Dr. Spreen because I noticed that my hypoglycemia was acting up; I noticed a direct correlation between what I ate and how I felt. When I went to see him, I was complaining of really severe panic disorders, irritability, and difficulty in concentrating. I went from having an excellent memory to no memory at all. Also I had such fatigue it felt like I was walking in Jell-O all the time. I'd sleep 12 hours a day and get up with no energy at all after sleeping. I'd be tired the whole day.

The first thing Dr. Spreen did was to give me injections of B12. Immediately I noticed a difference. As soon as I'd walk into the gym to work out, my energy was there. In the morning I felt really good. But I was still plagued sometimes by panic attacks. So he put me on a high dose of tyrosine, which is one of the free-form amino acids. I took up to seven grams a day and noticed a real strong response. Tyrosine is also related to the thyroid because one of the products the thyroid needs for normal functioning is tyrosine. He also put me on a low dosage of thyroid, a quarter grain a day. I took that and noticed immediate results. With that and the tyrosine, I felt like a new person.

This experience showed me that even though a doctor may be treating you for depression, he might be missing the things that might lead up to the depression or that might go hand in hand with it. Many books that I've read--in particular, Carlton Frederick's New Low Blood Sugar and You--say that when there is any mental disorder present, hypoglycemia is going to be right there along with it. But the medical community doesn't accept that hypoglycemia is as predominant as some nutritionists say it is because the doctors are thinking about the organic forms, which are much rarer. But with the diet that we are eating nowadays, which is high in carbohydrates and low in basically everything good for you, hypoglycemia is manifesting itself in great numbers.

As a child, I ate a diet that was full of carbohydrates--all sorts of sweets and sugars--and had a lot of the symptoms that are associated with hypoglycemia: I was hyperactive and had asthma. You see, hypoglycemia can trigger asthma attacks. Since I've started working out and watching my diet, the asthma has gone away.

For the panic attacks, Dr. Spreen suggested vitamin C. I took vitamin C powder, which is ascorbic acid, in the morning. I probably took 15 to 20 grams a day. It was almost like taking a sedative. It calmed me right down. My thought patterns straightened out; I was calm; and I wasn't as irritable and fidgety as I had been. I balanced out the rest of my nutrients with a mineral supplement and a good vitamin supplement high in the B spectrum. I take an additional B complex with pantothenic acid on the side because Dr. Spreen thinks that most people don't have enough B vitamins in the diet. I'm inclined to agree with him, since I've followed his advice and noticed an enormous positive response.

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