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I've been working with a chemist out of Spokane, Washington, whose name is John Kitkowski. He started doing experiments with animals by taking blood samples from them and finding out that these horses were low in calcium, or magnesium, for example. So he would put standard feed out in the corral, and then he would put standard feed plus calcium, or magnesium, or zinc, and let the animals go out and freely eat. They would smell everything and eat only what they needed. If they were low in calcium, they would eat just the calcium-supplemented feed, and then when they had had enough he noticed that they would come back to the standard feed. He would take a blood test and find out that their body chemistry had returned to normal. He figured out that the reason why the nose is placed in front of the mouth is to tell us "don't eat that" or "do eat this." The sense of smell, along with taste, is a monitoring system.

With hundreds of hours of data to verify his hypothesis, Dr. Kitkowski and I have found that people who are low in magnesium are more likely to have emotional problems--to experience anxiety and tension, to be upset, and to be unable to relax in sleep--and that leads to secondary factors. If the body chemistry is balanced, then the body can handle almost any kind of stress or stressors that come along.

Dr. Kitkowski also noticed that 80 percent of the people living in North America--and he has enough data to verify this--are somewhat alkaline. If the body is alkaline, then minerals are not soluble enough to make the enzymes do their job.

The way to determine the levels of chemicals in your body is to have blood tests done. GGT, a liver-function, gall bladder-function enzyme, is low if a person is low in magnesium because it's a magnesium-run enzyme. If a person has high levels of GGT, they often have too much magnesium. Dr. Kitkowski uses the standard 0 to 40 to 50 on the testing, going by the deviation from the mean. If somebody has around 20 on their GGT, then they are probably alright. But if they are low, and they have signs of anxiety and tension, if they can't relax and get spooked by people as if they have a truncated ability to handle the stresses of the world, then magnesium will help.

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Eliminating Stress and Anxiety From Your Life

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