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The thyroid is a very important component of the immune system. When the thyroid isn't working properly, the immune system is impaired, and this sets up a vicious cycle. You have a person who is depleted and anxious; they're told by regular doctors it's all in their head, that there's nothing physically wrong with them. So then they feel worse.

A large number of patients who come to see me have thyroiditis. I really can't emphasize it enough because this can lead to the mixed infection syndrome that we see so much of: parasites, candida, and even the viral syndromes--the Epstein Barr virus and the cytomegalovirus.

To treat thyroiditis, I've done nutritional consults on people that were under the care of other physicians. When I suggested that they had thyroiditis and that it was to be treated with low doses of thyroid hormones, I was met with skepticism from the other doctors.

When people have these longstanding chronic conditions, they can become extremely depressed. They feel like they can't go on anymore, particularly when their body has been so debilitated by the continuing illness. Also, some of the mixed infection of thyroiditis and the parasites or other viruses can actually affect the brain directly. Thyroiditis and its accompanying infections affect the central nervous system along with every other organ of the body. So people come in extremely depressed, both as a reaction to their prolonged illness and as a primary symptom of the illness--and this is usually totally overlooked. That's why it's crucial to do a good medical work-up on a patient.

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