Dr Alan Spreen

I have seen particularly hyperactive children who have an attention span of about two seconds. Often they are called autistic because they can't linger on any subject matter long enough to even begin to learn anything, much less give their parents a moment's peace. Often they are irritated by chemicals in their food that their system wasn't designed to handle: artificial color, artificial flavor, highly refined sugar, and flours and sugars that have had the nutrients required for their assimilation completely removed.

My approach to hyperactivity is to try to get the individual biochemically in the best nutritional shape, and we usually get really nice results. Some people can have a very slightly sluggish thyroid that might not show up on blood tests. But with very low doses of thyroid, they feel so much better, even though their blood levels still remain normal on blood testing. Their whole emotional make-up improves. Their concentration gets better, and their fatigue gets better, along with their ability to perform on the job.

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