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There are natural substances that anxiety disorders, phobias, and depression respond to that save people from taking medication, and from medication's side effects and extra expense. Some amino acids, when given individually, in some cases can be very effective in calming down anxiety disorders and panic attacks. For example, tryptophane, which is no longer available, was used as a sleeping agent, until there was a problem with it being contaminated, which caused a syndrome that wasn't related to the tryptophane but to the contaminant. Some doctors use tyrosine for depression and anxiety. The "DL" form of phenylalanine is often used on a short-term basis for depression and can be very effective if given correctly. It can lessen anxiety and depression in people by giving them more of an "up" mood. Phenylalanine is also an appetite suppressant for many people. If they're given correctly there seems to be no toxicity associated with amino acids and they're much cheaper than antidepressants or anti-anxiety prescription medications.

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Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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