Cynthia A Patient Of Dr Stoll

Ever since I began modeling in New York about 15 years ago, I've had tremendous difficulty with depression and also with hypoglycemia, which was then a very fashionable disease. I was constantly on a diet and constantly in doctors' offices for yeast infections and digestive and stomach problems. I visited a lot of doctors who would tell me it was all in my head and send me to psychiatrists. I spent the better part of 20 years going from doctor to doctor for various things, having my husband tell me that I was a hypochondriac and feeling like one, and also working things out in therapy trying everything that I could until I went to Dr. Stoll.

In the beginning, Dr. Stoll didn't find out that I had candida. Part of working with Dr. Stoll is learning to take responsibility for your own health, and that was a big switch in my life. Part of my health that was causing me a big problem was dental, so I went and had a lot of dental surgery done and came back to Dr. Stoll sicker than I have ever been in my life, with tremendously severe headaches. I felt as if someone was banging a steel hammer inside my head. And I was angry, even though I had been working with feelings in therapy. So I wasn't afraid of expressing my feelings, which was good, but I felt angry all the time. Dr. Stoll had me do a stool test, and it came out that I had an abundance of candida. At the time, Dr. Stoll explained to me that when you do dental work, research has shown it will exacerbate candida. In its way, this problem was a gift to me because in the past, I had only half-believed that I had candida. I didn't make a commitment to getting better. This time, within two months after taking Nystatin and vitamins, and doing aerobics, and going to an emotional therapist to make sure that I got everything worked out, I was a different person.

I felt so totally different, that it gave me the vantage point to look back over the previous 20 years of my life and say, "Oh, if only I had known all of this then, I wouldn't have done all of that." I had spent my life running down the wrong roads. And it was such a relief because it allowed me to really begin to live. Now I have my little ritual. I take my vitamins and do my aerobics, and make sure that I keep my house environmentally clean of gases and pollutants that exacerbate the condition. The change in how I felt was like going from 2 percent to 98 percent well. It was so dramatic.

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