Brittany A Patient Of Dr Harold Buttram

I am Brittany's mother. Just after she was born, when she was about three weeks old, she started having recurring ear infections. She was always going on antibiotics--literally every two weeks--until she was about two years old. At that time a friend introduced us to an allergist in Massachusetts, who put her through allergy testing and treatment. We changed our daughter's diet after finding that there were certain foods to which she was severely allergic, such as chicken, sugar, and dairy.

After a year of allergy therapy, she is doing much better. She is a relatively calm child; she can play nicely by herself and has a very good temperament. She is one of these kids that, if you have to give her an injection, she'll just sit there and maybe giggle. But when she has sugar or chicken, she turns into a little animal. She becomes extremely cranky, gets almost violent. She will want to hit you; she will cling to me and to her father.

We didn't understand what was happening until we started to see a pattern. When we found out she was allergic to these things, we started to understand that her eating these foods was what caused the tantrum-like behavior. Also, her infections completely stopped during the treatment. When she went off of the allergy treatments for a little while, because of our insurance, she immediately got back her ear infections and the other symptoms, even if we just gave her a little bit of these foods.

Before we went to the allergist, I had talked to several doctors. We had gone to the best doctors and to different children's hospitals. Their answers were operations for her ears and medication to help calm her down if necessary. After a while the doctors started to treat me like a neurotic mother, implying that I must be doing something wrong for my child to be doing this. Or else they said she was going through a phase and would grow out of it. That kind of attitude got very frustrating.

This experience has taught me to trust myself. As a mother, you absolutely know your child, and if you feel that the physician you are talking to isn't correct, then you should question it, and go with your gut instinct because chances are, you are right. As a parent, you know your child best. Since we've been working with Dr. Buttram, Brittany is doing much better, staying on the diet and avoiding foods she's sensitive to. The main thing I would say is, "Trust your instincts and keep looking until you find what works for you."

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