Nutrition And Metabolism Book

Research on obesity spans a wide range of disciplines, from molecular biology to physiology to epidemiology and translational research to clinical medicine. This book attempts to review comprehensively, for practicing clinicians and scientists alike, our current understanding of how nutrition interacts with the genetic substrate as well as environmental-exogenous factors, including physical activity or the lack thereof, to result in insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, the causation, epidemiology, clinical presentation, prevention, and treatment of the most common manifestations of disease states associated with the metabolic syndrome are reviewed. After presenting the Scope of the Problem, the first major part of the book is devoted to Genetics and Pathophysiology, the second part of the book presents the Public Health Perspective of the most prevalent problems associated with nutrition and the metabolic syndrome, whereas the third major part of the book focuses on Clinical Assessment and Management of the main disease states associated with inappropriate nutrition and the metabolic syndrome. Finally, general information useful for both clinicians and researchers alike is presented in the Appendix.

Covering the entire field of nutrition or metabolism would have been a daunting task, far beyond the scope of a single volume book. Thus, Nutrition and Metabolism: Underlying Mechanisms and Clinical Consequences offers only an up-to-date and authoritative review of the major scientific and clinical aspects of the overlapping areas between nutrition and metabolism. I am indebted to all my colleagues, most of them scientists and distinguished professors at Harvard University, for their valuable contributions. I thank the staff at Humana Press for their hard work in putting together this book in close collaboration with staff in my group, especially Lauren Kuhn and Jess Fargnoli. We also wish to express our gratitude to Dr. Adrianne Bendich, the Series Editor, for her thoughtful suggestions.

I certainly hope that the efforts of all of us will not only provide much needed information to our practicing colleagues but also serve as a stimulus for further research in this scientific topic of utmost importance for the developed world in the twenty-first century. Our mission will be eventually accomplished if, through higher quality research, superior teaching, and consequently improved health services, the quality of our prevention programs as well as the quality of health care we provide to our suffering fellow human beings is ultimately enhanced.

Christos S. Mantzoros Boston, MA

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