Problem Healthy elderly people eating the wrong foods

The guidelines for a prudent diet (section 7.3) can be summarized as:

  • fat to provide 30% of energy;
  • saturated fat to provide 10% of energy (one-third of total fat);
  • sucrose to provide 10% of energy.

A study of healthy elderly people (aged between 70 and 75) in Roskilde in Denmark found that:

• 5% of them received more than 50% of energy from fat;

228 Diet and the diseases of affluence

Table 7.4 Relative mortality in cholesterol-l

owering intervention trials

Relative mortality

Cardiovascular disease


All causes


Cancer (only in drug trials)


Not illness related


From data reported by Muldoon MF et al. (1990) British Medical Journal 301: 309-314.

From data reported by Muldoon MF et al. (1990) British Medical Journal 301: 309-314.

  • 22% had an intake of more than 50% of their fat as saturated fat;
  • 90% received more than 10% of energy from sugar;
  • 46% of the men were smokers.

What explanation can you suggest to explain these results?

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