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The Role of DHA in Neurotransmission

DHA deficiency during gestation in rats decreases dopamine production 61, 70 in the brain, which in turn induces behavioral disturbances resulting in decreased learning ability in their offspring. These findings are of particular interest because they link DHA deficiency, subsequent altered brain development, and impaired functional status. Conversely, the offspring of rats deficient in DHA during the gestational period exhibit an increase in acetyl-choline 60 and GABA 52 production. Adequate levels of dopamine are necessary for mood elevation and for learning processes. Alternatively, acetylcholine and GABA appear to be increased in DHA deficiency. Learning, long-term memory and motor activity have been linked to acetylcholine, and it is unknown currently how such alterations affect mood and emotions. All of the observed alterations of the brain's neurochemical profile provide a compelling basis for further exploration regarding DHA deficiency and the CNS.

Neurotransmitters and Brain Function Including Mood Regulation

Serotonin is classified as an indolamine produced by the serotonergic pathway. In a manner similar to the dopaminergic pathway, the serotonergic pathway begins with an amino acid, in this case tryptophan 47 . The conversion of tryptophan to the next intermediary requires tryptophan hydroxylase. In both the dopaminergic and seroton-ergic pathways, tyrosine hydroxylase and tryptophan hydroxylase, respectively, are present in limited amounts. Therefore, it is the enzymes and not the availability of tyrosine or tryptophan that are the limiting factors for the production of these monoamines. Working memory involved in new learning has been attributed to dopamine in the prefrontal cortex (mesensyphalic region) 48 . Norepinephrine is thought to play an important role in stimulating processes involved in attention. Low dopamine and serotonin have been associated with depression and psychomotor slowing, which affects motivational processes. Drugs that alter the reuptake of these monoamines...

Cognition And Performance

Far less consistent are studies of the effects of caffeine on memory. Some investigators have shown enhanced performance on delayed recall (Warburton, 1995), recognition memory (Bowyer et al., 1983), semantic memory (Oborne and Rogers, 1983), working memory (Sawyer et al., 1982), and verbal memory tasks (Jarvis, 1993). Other work has demonstrated improved performance on short-and long-term memory retrieval and on encoding efficiency (Riedel et al., 1995 Smith et al., 1999). Additional investigators have reported increases in memory performance on both easy (Anderson and Revelle, 1983) and difficult (Loke, 1988) memory tasks and with both lower and higher doses following exercise (Hogervorst et al., 1999). Finally, caffeine counteracts the detrimental effects of aging on general memory performance (Riedel and Jolles, 1996) and reduces performance decrements over the course of the day in older subjects (Ryan et al., 2002). Despite these findings, many studies have failed to demonstrate...

An elementary guide to minerals

The periodic table is a clean, crisp way of characterizing the elements, and if you are now or ever were a chemistry, physics, or premed student, you can testify firsthand to the joy (maybe that's not the best word ) of memorizing the information it provides. Personally, I'd rather be forced to watch reruns of The Dating Game.

What Is Anorexia Nervosa

Combined with reductions in body weight from fat stores are also reductions in body protein. As the ritual continues, the reduction in body protein ultimately affects heart muscle and other vital organs and tissue. Thus, these individuals jeopardize their very existence. Anorexics are obsessed with food and may play with their food when dining with family. They may also have memorized the energy and fat content of most foods.

Neuroanatomy Relating to Mood and Emotions

Last, the forebrain extends from the brainstem and is made up largely of the limbic system and the basal ganglia. Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging have demonstrated that the forebrain is highly specialized for working memory involved in new learning 46 . The central structures of the forebrain are commonly referred to as the limbic system composed of the hippocampus, septum, and cingulate gyrus. Memory, new learning, and emotions are functions attributed to the limbic system. Current research also points to the limbic system's central role in spatial behavior 45 . The basal ganglia include the putamen, globus pallidus, and caudate nucleus, and are involved in motor responses that require sequencing and smooth execution. These structures are also involved in habit learning and storage of older learned information.

Keeping a Food Record

Please don't skip this exercise because you think it will be too inconvenient or believe you can remember everything you eat. Having a written record of everything you eat really is the only way for you to actually see the amounts and types of food you are providing your body. Until you really know what you are eating, it is impossible to make any improvements.

How to Ensure an Adequate Protein Intake

All vegetarians can easily meet their protein needs. Protein doesn't discriminate it's found in both animal and plant foods. Low-fat dairy and eggs can provide generous amounts of protein for vegetarians who dare to eat them, and the vegans in the crowd should become close pals with tofu, nuts, seeds, lentils, and tempeh. Flip back to Chapter 3 to refresh your memory on complementary proteins that is, making a complete protein (a protein containing all of the essential amino acids) by combining two or more incomplete plant proteins.

Beef pork lamb and vealTotal fat grams

Fenfluramine acts by raising the level of serotonin (a chemical in the brain) which in essence tricks the brain into believing that the stomach is full. The drug itself does not produce weight loss, but allows it by suppressing appetite. Phentermine is an amphetamine-like drug. Side effects of fen-phen include drowsiness, dry mouth, and short-term memory loss.

What Is the Brain

As an adult, the human brain weighs about three and a half pounds and is protected by the skull. The brain is designed to interpret sensory input and decipher other incoming information, to develop both short- and long-term memory, to originate and coordinate most muscular movement, and to regulate the function of many of our organs. With all that it does, it is easy to conclude that our brain is densely packed with neurons. And, with so many neuron operations taking place within the brain, the electrical activity can be measured by placing sensors on the skin of the head. The recorded output of this measurement is called an electroencephalogram or simply EEG.


Beriberi is a clinical manifestation of thiamin deficiency. Symptoms include nervous system abnormalities (e.g., leg cramps, muscle weakness), limb swelling, elevated pulse, and heart failure. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is a related condition (with symptoms such as a jerky gait, disorientation, and impaired short-term memory) that occurs among alcoholics. SEE also Nutritional Deficiency Vitamins, Water-Soluble.

Oxidative Stress

As people age, balance, coordination, short-term memory, information retrieval, and other brain tasks are hindered. A lifetime of oxidative stress may induce damages to lipids and proteins that lead to cellular damage. Dementia results from impaired vascular supply, both chronic and acute, and from the formation of amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease. An animal study recently provided some evidence that dietary antioxidants can protect the brain from oxygen-induced damage (Joseph et al., 1998). Six- to eight-month-old F344 rats were fed a control diet or diets containing antioxidants (500 IU kg vitamin E, 10 g kg dried aqueous blueberry extract, 9.4 g kg dried strawberry extract, or 6.7 g kg dried spinach extract). After 8 weeks of the diet, the rats were subjected to 48 h of 100 O2 to

Chapter Eight

The thing I remember most is that Professor Anderson told me that the attorneys for the other side would probably start naming a number of medical books and ask me if I had read them. He told me that if I had not read them just say, No. He explained that the court does not expect that every doctor has read every medical book that has ever been written. If I had read the book say, Yes. He told me that if I did say , Yes, they would take some quote from that book and ask if I remembered that quote. If I did not remember that quote, I was to reply, No, I do not remember that quote. My statement was that I have read the book, but I did not memorize it. This lesson, alone, has helped me through many subsequent court procedures. The cross-examination was just about what Professor Anderson had said it would be. The attorneys for the County Department of Social Services used the usual attack by calling me a quack and a charlatan. This was nothing new for me. In my many debates with...

Aids To Caffeine

The most important Zeitgeber in regulating the 24 sleep-wake cycle is light. Therefore, the abundance of light in our 24-h economy, sometimes termed light pollution, will disturb the sleep-wake cycle. On the other hand, the increase of light intensity could be used in situations to keep people awake. To check this option, some studies have been done with bright light only, more recently also combined with caffeine (Wright et al., 1997b Babkoff et al., 2002). Such a study during nighttime hours across 45.5 h of sleep deprivation was done under four conditions (dim light-placebo, dim light-caffeine, bright light-placebo, and bright light-caffeine) (Wright et al., 1997b). Subjects were 46 healthy male volunteers, aged 18 to 25 years, and the study was conducted during the nighttime hours. Measures were alertness and performance. A caffeine dose of 200 mg was given at 8 00 p.m. and at 2 00 a.m. bright light-exposure (> 2000 lux) was from 8 00 p.m. to 8 00 a.m. The combined treatment of...

Functional Beverages

Improve your memory Lift your mood Relieve tension Fight fat Give you energy A growing market of functional beverages-juice, tea, soft drinks, flavored water, isotonic drinks, enhanced with herbs, phytonutrients, and other functional ingredients-are marketed with promises to improve health. Do they offer benefits

Pinpointing portions

Reality dictates that the portions on restaurant plates rarely come within hailing distance of the official serving sizes issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. To protect yourself from humongous servings, you need to store real-life versions of the recommended portions in your memory banks. To do that, use an 8-ounce measuring cup and a kitchen scale to run through some basic practice drills at home

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