Renal Dietitians Dietetic Practice Group

In 1978, the Renal Practice Group (RPG) of the ADA was formed. This organization deals with the professional concerns of the renal dietitian, including salary surveys, employment, legislation, and patient education. The RPG publishes a quarterly newsletter that features articles on renal nutrition and patient education.

The need for a uniform renal diet that could be used across the United States was identified as early as 1978, when the RPG was first formed. The project was not initiated at that time because of philosophical differences that existed among both renal dietitians and nephrologists. However, in 1987, the RPG and the CRN agreed to support jointly the development of the National Renal Diet. This long-awaited document was published in 1993 and originally consisted of six patient education booklets and a professional guide (58). Another joint project of the RPG and CRN was the Clinical Guide to Nutrition Care in End Stage in Renal Disease, which was first published in 1987 (59). The latest edition of this book was published in 2004 and reflects the evolution of nutrition management of patients with CKD (60). These materials and publications have standardized renal nutrition care in the United States, and similar materials have been replicated in other countries.

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