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Karma Crash Course

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The Denial Of The Flesh

For almost 50 years, Buddha trudged from village to village with his followers, preaching his gospel of enlightenment, a religion of infinite compassion. His was, however, a religion of intense self-effort, believing that through intense labor, a devotee might breach the seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth and attain enlightenment and a permanent end to suffering.

Raw Evolutionary Diets Dont Work In Practice

Eating raw animal flesh is better than cooked animal flesh for a time and people will feel better until the body begins to accumulate the unmitigated death energy (karma) of the animals, and then the trouble starts. I cringe when I receive e-mails from young people who are new to raw foods and have been convinced to eat raw animal flesh for strength and health. They have no idea of what they are getting into. I have seen people on raw animal-food diets over the long term and have seen lives destroyed by the negative energy of such foods. I have personally seen that eating raw-animal, especially as more than 5 of the diet, leads to major problems including extreme anger, body odor, immobility, infertility, repeated illnesses, and rampant parasite infections.

Benefits Of The Sunfood Diet

We know that the more perfectly clean your body, the more perfectly it will radiate your supernatural powers. The first things to evaporate in a toxic environment are the super-natural abilities provided to us at birth. These powers are possessed by wild animals, and formerly by humanity. As soon as the body begins to be poisoned, the powers slip away. In any biological degeneration, the higher powers fade first. However, your natural superior abilities have not been totally destroyed by improper food, they are only dormant, and are capable of rebirth, regeneration, and resurrection.

The Ideal Spiritual Diet of Humankind

To elevate the spiritual powers, I promote a mineral-rich, Live-Alkaline Fruit (LAF) Diet of green leaves and fruits for positive karma, avocados for fat (the acid-forming element required in the diet), wild green-leafed vegetables (the alkaline elements), and non-hybridized sweet fruits of a high alkaline content (i.e. blackberries, cherries, currants, figs, grapes, kumquats, lemons, limes,

The Sacredness Of Life

Buddha's insistence on the sacredness of all life also lent itself to a vegetarian lifestyle, even though he himself did not practice scrupulous vegetarianism. The major reason for Buddha's advocacy of non-violence and non-killing was centered in the concept of mercy toward all living things. Buddha taught that it was wrong to be the recipient of food that was prepared expressly for that individual through the slaughter of an animal. Eating the flesh of another living creature was a barbaric act if that animal had lost its life solely to provide that individual with food. With this also goes a belief in karma that mandates that all must eventually suffer the consequences of evil actions.35 Buddha was pragmatic enough, however, to allow for eating meat if it had been already prepared for and by other non-believers who had no prior knowledge of the need and presence of himself or a follower.

Ideal Foods

Young coconut is also one of the Earth's most perfect foods. With sweet water and soft spoon meat on the inside, few foods can compare. Again, green leaves are required to make a coconut diet work for you in the long-term. Also, coconuts are a seed and thus they have a negative karma charge, which should be balanced with positive or neutral karma foods.

Animal Fats

Many have lived long lives taking in raw milk, butter, and cheese to fulfill their fat requirements as Professor Hilton Hotema reported in his classic book Man's Higher Consciousness, but none I am aware of have ever gone late into life eating raw flesh for fat because the negative karma is too great and does come back to entrap the one who ingests such substances. Raw organic dairy products may be used in transition to fulfill the fat category of The Sunfood Triangle for people with weak fat metabolisms. Raw organic dairy products may benefit raw-foodists who have become deficient in alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) from not consuming enough whole green-leafed vegetables and or who are experiencing a lack of excellent intestinal flora. The karma of raw dairy products is neutral, if the milk is free given. However, this is rarely the case today, and most dairy animals are enslaved, lead sad lives, and are finally killed for their flesh. Also, drinking the milk of another...


The fruitarian diet lifestyle is a beautiful way to live, it is in total harmony with the philosophy of Ahimsa (a Sanskrit word that means causing no harm). However, as I have described, raw foods -especially fruits - carry with them strong karma and energy. For that reason, they must be eaten in a balanced fashion. Too much hybridized sweet fruit will throw the body off balance. The fruitarian diet has to be done correctly. Specifically, green-leafed vegetables must be eaten ass they contain heavier minerals, calming properties, fiber, and certain intangible items not available in fruits - all frugivorous (fruit eating) primates include green leaves in their diets also, fats must be derived from avocados, durians, or olives instead of nuts if one is to remain within the fruitarian Ahimsa paradigm -eating nuts kills the plant embryo.

Tree Nuts

Nuts and seeds can comprise part of the daily diet, however they should be eaten in reasonable quantities (a maximum of 0.33 pounds or 0.15 kg per day). Remember they are negative karma foods. If overeaten, they should be balanced with green-leafed vegetables and juicy sweet fruits.