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Over the years, careful observations in clinical environments have allowed us to unravel the mysterious language of the iris. Today we have a map of the iris topography which guides us very accurately over its surface. In this way, it is possible to "read" tissue conditions that relate to the "whole" person being viewed. We are seeing the "whole" body at once.

The chart developed by Dr. Bernard Jensen isthefruitof50years of research and intense study. Spending many years as a student of past masters of iridology, he has brought forward and incorporated those aspects and details proven to be accurate by verification in clinical practice.

Each organ is identified and those of major importance are outlined so that they are easily located. The chart represents the arrangement of the iris into its corresponding locations as found in a normally organized body. You may find exceptions, realizing that there are individual differences.

Basically, the chart represents the placement of organs and tissues as would a map. There are signs and features in the iris that are inexplainable and unknown at this time.

Utilizing a transparent overlay of the chart with the wording removed, it is possible to project an image of the iris onto a rear projection screen. In this way, the two are superimposed on each other. This procedure makes possible individual iris analysis,which is very accurate. By noting the major landmarks, boldly outlined on the chart, it is possible to orient the grid to correspond to individual differences.

Iridology MapIridology Chart

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Basic Iridology ChartsIridology Overlay

The observations gained from much time and expense gathering empirical data have made this the most accurate map of the iris available. It is used by iridologists the world over and is a testimony to its reliability.


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