What Can You Expect From Iridology

Because of seeming simplicity and easy access, iridology has been the study of many minds, from the devoted truth seeker to the casually curious.

There have always been those who have abused a good thing by taking advantage of it for personal gain, and iridology has been no exception to this aspect of human behavior. There are those who have fathomed the great truths in iridology and endeavor to upgrade and make respectable the practice, and much progress has been made. Likewise, there are those who, having had a single course or none at all, and having read a book or two, have gone out to "practice" iridology, doing themselves and the science a disfavor.

Many have made claims about iridology that are ridiculous and untrue.

We owe it to ourselves and those who seek self health care to keep iridology clean and useful for everyone.

We believe that iris analysis should be used with all other forms of analytical and diagnostic procedures to make as complete a diagnosis as possible.

This is a partial list of what you can and cannot expect from iridology, and some questions it can answer.

  1. Reveals constitutional strength. Are we built strongly or weakly? How well does the body endure stress?
  2. Reveals the health level. What is the health potential?
  3. Reveals inherent strengths and weaknesses. What and where are they?
  4. Reveals nutritional and chemical needs. What elements are lacking and where?
  5. Reveals the location of environmentally obtained toxic accumulations.
  6. Reveals the quality of nerve force in the body. What is the condition of the nervous system?
  7. Reveals response to treatment; how well the body is healing itself and at what rate.
  8. Reveals the acid/catarrh level in the body. Where are the accumulations?
  9. Reveals the "whole" body as a unified structure. What is the "overall" health level?

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