Scurf Rim Iridology

At the periphery of the iris, in zone 7, is found the area for the integument: skin, hair and nails. When a darkened area is observed here, it is called a scurf rim. It may be only in a portion of the periphery or it may encircle it entirely. It may be a thin, wispy area or it can penetrate deep into the interior. When this area shows up dark, it represents an underactive, slowly eliminating skin. Toxic elements and metabolic waste materials are accumulating here.

The skin is a two-way membrane allowing an exchange of moisture and air in and out of the body. Toxic materials can easily penetrate the skin when it is exposed to solvents, fixatives, paints, fertilizers, pollutants and other air- or water-borne chemicals.

The skin is a vital organ and must eliminate toxic materials daily just as the bowel and lungs. By wearing heavy, close-fitting clothing, the skin backs up in its ability to eliminate these toxic substances.

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