Making An Analysis

Today the accuracy of an iris analysis is greatly enhanced through the use of advanced instrumentation. Photographic equipment to record the iris is now of a quality never before available. The Jensen 110 Iriscope is the latest model in high-quality efficiency.

A photograph is taken of each iris. These serve as a record to compare with in the future. using the chart

This way the iridologist is able to determine whether or not progress is being made in tissue strength, the extent of healing signs and any other changes.

By using the transparent grid overlay, a very accurate analysis is possible. In addition to these, the iridologist will also employ the use of simple hand-held tools. Holding a magnifying lens close totheeyeand bringing up a light from the side, the iridologist will make a personal observation of the irides to complete the examination.

Many years of patient study and experience goes into the making of a qualified and reliable skill in iridology. The information given in this booklet is insufficient to qualify anyone as an iridologist. It is strictly information relating the very basics of the science.

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