Lymphatic Rosary

The lymphatic system is found in zone 6. When the lymphatic circulation becomes slow and overburdened with waste materials, a congestion results.

This condition is seen in the iris as small, cloud-like spots. Sometimes these clouds are seen in varying distances into the interior, but generally are found near the periphery. They resemble a string of pearls or rosary and get their name from this appearance. The whiteness of these spots indicates that there is an acute activity or inflammation. Sometimes they appear to be yellow or light brown. This indicates that the condition has existed for sometime.

Iris Chart Scurfrim
Lymphatic Rosary

When this system is not functioning properly, there is a build up of catarrh and mucus. The body's resistance to stress and illness is weakened, and it becomes susceptible to disease.

Lymphatic circulation is based on muscular contraction. Therefore, exercise is essential for the prevention of lymphatic congestion.

Tonsils and adenoids are lymphoid tissues. Many individuals have had these removed, a sign that they were overworked and enlarged as a result of excessive toxic material they were unable to eliminate. At that time, a cleansing program was indicated, as well as proper nutrition and exercise. This would have helped prevent lymph congestion in later years.

Other organs relating to the lymphatic system are the appendix and spleen.

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