Iris Color And Variations

There are only two eye colors in the world today: blue and brown. The structure of the stroma is different in the two. The blue eye is less dense, has its trab├ęcula in the open and reveals itself more clearly. Blue eyes are much easier to study. The brown eye is dense, not revealing the trab├ęcula and is more difficult to analyze.

There are variations between the true blue and true brown eyes. Sometimes people born of blue- and brown-eyed parents have a mixture of both. Genetically, blue eyes are recessive and brown dominant.

Iridology Black Spots Blue Eye


Dark Spots The Iris




Colored spots of various densities are often observed in the iris. These come under two distinctions: psora and drug deposits. Psora, or psoric itch spots, are heavy, dark patches. They are usually inherited chemicals passed on from parents. When a white line encircles these areas, it indicates an irritation in that tissue. drug deposits

Psora can be distinguished from drug spots and chemical spots in that the latter are usually smaller and different in color. It is very difficult if possible at all, to eliminate these pigments from the iris, but given a change in lifestyle and working for improved health, one can greatly reduce their effects in the next generation.

Chemical deposits, including drugs, show up in the iris as bright yellow, red, orange and other colors. They are usually small and scattered about. Found mostly in the digestive zone and the glandular zone, these deposits are generally acquired from the environment during one's lifetime. When inherited by the next generation, they show up as psora.

Iridology Chemical Deposit

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