Iridology Does

  1. Iridology does not name diseases. Often we see situations and conditions developing long before there are symptoms to which disease names are attached. Instead, we see tissue strengths and weaknesses with which we work to bring about a higher quality of health.
  2. It does not reveal operations performed under anesthesia. Nerve impulses are short circuited under these conditions.
  3. It does not reveal pregnancy, because such a condition is normal for the female body.
  4. It does not reveal the presence of gallstones.
  5. Iridology is not a psychic analysis.
  6. Iridology cannot tell you what accident has occurred but can see damaged tissue.
  7. Iridology cannot tell specific pathology in the body. As individuals vary greatly in their ability to endure stress, what appears to be a pathology in one may not be a bother to another.
  8. Iridology cannot pinpoint the location of parasites, germlife or bacterial invasions that may exist in any part of the body. It does show, however, the condition of the tissue and the development of a host situation that may allow for these things to manifest.

Iridology is a whole new branch of science. It is a speciality that works well with any other science that is open minded enough to see the information it has to offer and work with it. I ridology is a "wholistic" tool in that it does not deal specifically with one segment of the body, but realizes the trinity of body, mind and spirit as having interrelated functions.

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