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ethods should be investigated for improving the performance of the body. Although a perfectly well individual may not exist, one is afforded the opportunity to prevent illness through a more healthy way of living.

The body is a servant to our mental leadership, discipline and discernment; it knows so little without a good leader. Truly, the body needs a good path on which to travel; and the body molds to that good path. A more natural life is the means of obtaining a cleaner body. One who has earned a clean body, has a zest for living.

Life is a challenge. Greater contributions may be made to society and to the family unit by an individual who's reaching his natural health potential. Happiness and harmony are a wonderful reflection, and an example to friends, family and professional associates.

Good health allows the person to becomethe individual hewantsto be, and to obtain the highest goals in life. Of all the earthly treasures, vibrant health is the most precious.

Iridology helps us to obtain our maximum health level. It brings an awareness of how to prevent disease. It helps us to understand our weaknesses, so we can try to strengthen them for future generations. It tells us what foods we need to strengthen our bodies.

Iridology is now coming of age. The need for more effective health care services has ushered in a host of alternative disciplines in an effort to stem the tide of ever-increasing disease and physical malfunctioning. The test of time will determinethetruth and usefulness of all things. Those which are shown to be of lasting value will prosper while those which do not will fall away.

For 150 years now, iridology has been in the gestation stage, awaiting its moment of birth and usefulness. Those who have studied the science and given it an open and unprejudiced consideration have discovered a wonderful gift of the Creator which has stood before us for all time yet remained hidden from our understanding.

The true appreciation of iridology awaits those who are not tightly fastened to traditional and dogmatic views of the body and its functioning, for iridology demonstrates very well the wholism of man.

He is not merely a body, but a complex combination of body, mind and spirit, each of which requires its proper amount of nutrition, exercise and rest.

Interpreting iris signs into terms of meaningful information takes skill, patience, knowledge of the body in respect to its anatomy, physiology and biochemical activities, and mostly, wisdom; wisdom to decide which information is immediately useful and fits the individual from the standpoint of where they are ât the present moment.

Used correctly, iridology gives an individual information concerning his health level that is not available in any other way. An iridologist's services are an important element in a total, wholistic health care program. <(§>

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