Healing Herings Law Of Cure

Hering's Law of Cure states. "ALL CURE STARTS FROM WITHIN OUT AND FROM THE HEAD DOWN AND IN REVERSE ORDER AS THE SYMPTOMS FIRST APPEARED. 'This is the process the body goes through when the blood is cleaned and chemically restored through nutrition, improved circulation, rest and proper nerve force. Iridology will show us what needs to be cleaned. It shows us the nerve energy to every organ in the body. By proper exercise, diet and rest, a healing crisis will come in a matter of weeks.

The healing crisis is the result of an industrious effort by every organ in the body to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. Through this constructive process toward health, old tissues are replaced with new. We recognize this crisis usually through a heavy catarrhal elimination in various parts of the body.

The iridologist watches for healing signs to come up in the various dark lesions in the iris. When white lines come forth, he knows the patient is being treated properly and is doing the right thing.

The experience of going through a healing crisis will seem very much like going through a disease, because the symptoms will be the same, with one very important distinction—elimination. In the healing crisis, the eliminative processes have become more active because the body has built up energy to eliminate the toxic wastes that have caused its past troubles. Whatever catarrh and other forms of waste have been stored in the body are now in a dissolved, free-flowing state, and a cleansing, purifying process is underway. When healing lines appear in the intestinal tract area of the iris, every organ begins to show improvement. These healing lines may be likened to strong pillars used to bolster up a house which probably has been falling apart for some time. By putting in new timber, a stronger foundation is provided. And so it is with the body, new tissue is replacing the old.

The crisis usually comes without warning, after nature has shown us how good we can feel. In iridology we are interested in replacing old tissue for a new. higher evolved tissue that will work to the highest potential possible. (Refer to Illustration on page 9.)

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